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60 Italian Makers Set Guinness World Record for Longest Pizza

Monday, June 29th, 2015

One mile. Meet the new Guinness World Record holder for the world's longest pizza. 

Upon first stumbling across the photos, I first thought I was looking at a strangely patterned red carpet with crowds on either side awaiting a star at Milan, Italy’s Expo 2015 World Fair. I didn’t realize that the strange pattern was one-and-a-half tons of mozzarella cheese melted over two tons of tomato sauce, and that it was the star.

Officially measuring the candidate for the World's Longest Pizza (Source: JEZEBEL)

The feat took more than 60 of Italy’s pizza makers, according to Guinness, and beat Spain’s previous 2011 record of 1,141.5 meters (about 3,745 feet.)

After 18 hours of prepping and baking, an official judge from the Guinness World Records measured, and the verdict was 1,595.45 meters (about 5,234 ft). And quite edible, if you look at the video below.

More than 35,000 pizza slices were cut and given to those at the Expo, while over 300 metres (984 feet) of pizza were donated to the Banco Alimentare food bank. That donation, according to the Guinness article, is to be redistributed to charitable organizations that assist the poor.

Guess it’s safe to say the Italy has reclaimed its pizza pie!

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