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Trader Joe's to Open New Stores in Michigan and California

Continuing its expansion streak, the chain pulls back the curtain on these upcoming store Anne Allen

Pilgrim’s® Launches Refreshed Brand Identity and Flavorful New Nugget Lineup; Sergio Nahuz Shares

Complemented by a refreshed identity, the protein provider reimagines a popular offering with its most recent release… Chandler James

EQUII Announces Retail Partnership With Hy-Vee; Monica Bhatia and Baljit Ghotra Discuss

The bakery brand unveils its latest alliance, landing this better-for-you lineup on the shelves of 88 locations… Anne Allen

California Milk Advisory Board to Spotlight Diverse Selection of Dairy Products at Summer Fancy Food Show; John Talbot Discusses

With this anticipated event approaching, the association prepares to draw attention to an assortment of dairy applications… Peggy Packer

Atalanta's Katie Baldwin Discusses New Cracking Good Cheese Brand

Uniting several products under one U.S.-focused portfolio, the company gives an exclusive peek at what's to Melissa De Leon Chavez

Giant Food Names Tonya Herring as New Chief Merchant; Ira Kress Comments

This industry veteran steps into a crucial Chief position as the grocer strengthens its leadership Chandler James

SuckerPunch Talks Product Portfolio; Chase Coleman Details

We can't count the ways in which this pickler differentiates itself, so you'll just have to find out for Anne Allen

Kayco Spotlights Rebranding of Iconic Manischewitz ®Brand and Introduction of Tuscanini® Foods Brand at 2024 SFFS; Shani Seidman Comments

At the upcoming SFFS, the provider focuses on the rebranding of one label and the introduction of Peggy Packer

Marin French Cheese Co. Launches Latest Black Truffle Triple Crème Brie at 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show; Bonnie Kaufman Comments

The cheesemaker affords spectators with glorious items and various formats to ensure consumer Melissa De Leon Chavez

Price Chopper Opens Four Market 32 Locations; Blaine Bringhurst Comments

Revealing a first for the company, the chain opens the doors of four banner locations Anne Allen