New Mini Flatbreads

Maple Leaf Foods Announces Acquisition

The protein provider is expanding its reach into the plant-based sector as it acquires this specialty Peggy Packer

Base Culture Names Heidi Krauss as CEO to Scale Brand

The bakery brand introduces its new CEO and a strategic investment as it embarks on its next era of Jenna Plasterer

California Olive Ranch Revamps Operations

The specialty supplier launches new packaging, an innovative investment, and expanded organic production Chandler James

Amazon Shutters Prime Pantry Division

Optimizing its operations, the retailer shutters this division to make way for more grocery Anne Allen

Lipari Foods Finalizes Acquisition of Tut’s International

The distributor acquires this specialty foods provider to expand its network and Peggy Packer

Schnuck Markets Names Ted Schnuck as the New Vice President of Fresh

A new VP is named to the executive ring as the retailer looks to build out its Chandler James

Conagra Brands' Duncan Hines Launches New Line of EPIC Baking Kits

Diversifying its arsenal of offerings, the bakery mainstay unveils a new lineup that will have customers Melissa De Leon Chavez

Schaller & Weber Introduces New Product

A new product hits retail shelves as the protein curator aims to meet this rising consumer Lilian Diep

Somerdale International Acquires Abergavenny Fine Foods' Blended Cheese Business

Expanding its reach, the distributor acquires this dairy brand as it moves to take over the cheese case in new Jenna Plasterer

Lactalis Canada Acquires Ultima Foods

The parent of siggi's and Stoneyfield brands ups its prowess in the dairy case as it acquires these strategic Chandler James