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US Foods Holdings Corp. Issues 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report; Kristin Coleman Discusses

Highlighting the success of a crucial strategy, the distributor emphasizes its commitment to these ambitious Lilian Diep

KLIMON Launches Plant-Based Frozen Dessert at Walmart; Alex Cotraviwat Details

Teaming up with Walmart, the plant-based up-and-comer launches its brand nationwide with several indulgent Anne Allen

Cooks Venture Debuts FoodID “No Antibiotics Ever” Label Backed by Testing; Matthew Wadiak and Kevin Lo Comment

Tapping an impressive partner, the provider draws eyes to this verifiable surety as it increases its on-shelf Melissa De Leon Chavez

United Natural Foods, Inc. Appoints Chris Finck as New Atlantic Region President; Steve Dietz Comments

The foodservice maven channels strategic capabilities to advance its operations with this results-driven whiz as Peggy Packer

Big Y Debuts New Downtown Store Format; Colin D’Amour Comments

This unique store format brings fresh-forward convenience to a bustling market as the chain differentiates its Anne Allen

LesserEvil Acquires R.E.D.D., Expands Portfolio Into a New Category; Charles Coristine and Dan Nordstrom Detail

With the acquisition of this growing brand, the snack supplier moves to progress in the better-for-you Jenna Plasterer

Walmart Appoints John Rainey as New Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Doug McMillon Comments

Naming a vested leader to its C-suite, the grocer taps into over 25 years of business and digital Chandler James

Brave Good Kind Partners With Walmart to Expand Distribution; Prabal Chaudhri Shares

Expanding its distribution of these flagship items, the maker continues to bolster its presence with a big-box Peggy Packer

Yasso Launches New Frozen Greek Yogurt Mochi; Craig Shiesley Comments

This first-ever innovation from the provider hits shelves nationwide as it lifts the veil on its latest dairy product launch… Lilian Diep

Apex Protein Snacks Owner and CEO Steven McBee Details New Portfolio Additions

Maximizing consumer appeal with these crave-worthy selections, the provider unveils the expansion of its Lilian Diep