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Amazon Divests Fulfillment Center for $176 Million

After divesting 1.5M of its operations in a 176M-dollar deal, the grocer pivots its battle plan to tighten its Jordan Okumura

Kroger Announces New Chief Merchant and Marketing Officer Steve W. Aitken

A new Chief takes the helm as the retailer enacts a power play that ramps up how its C-suite approaches Anne Allen

ITAN Offers Traditional Italian Cookies, Biscuits, and Confections

Italian delicacies hit retail just as shoppers and buyers alike show an expanded interest in the dessert Melissa De Leon Chavez

Frito-Lay Announces $200 Million Expansion, 120 New Jobs in Houston County

The snacking giant's new 200M-dollar facility kicks off its latest expansion strategy in a pivotal Lilian Diep

Cargill and TGI Fridays Build Bold Heroes Campaign to Thank Firefighters Across the U.S.

The esteemed meat provider teams up with this influential foodservice chain to roll out a seasonal Anne Allen

Two Organic Valley Farms Double Down on Local Restoration Projects

With new partners in tow, the farmer-owned dairy co-op implements strategic change to multiple California Chandler James

Lidl Plans for 50 New Stores in Italy

A 400M-dollar investment is the key to the retailer's latest market-amassing strategy headlined by a 50-store roll Chandler James

Kalahari Snacks Introduces New Kalahari Crisps Meat Snacks

As the snacking category evolves and expands, the team injects new fervor for the meat market with this latest Lilian Diep

Raley’s Elevates Corporate Leader of Human Resources

The retailer continues its expansive growth strategy as this new executive boosts its leadership Anne Allen

Goldthread Plant Based Tonics Debuts New Berry Power Product

A new powerhouse product hits the market, fortifying this specialty brand's presence in a fast-growing grocery Melissa De Leon Chavez