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Save A Lot Appoints Trey Johnson as New Chief Merchandising Officer; Leon Bergmann Comments

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise, a distinguished Chief steps in to oversee the retailer's merchandising game Jenna Plasterer

Grocery Outlet Expands Partnership With Instacart Nationwide; Eric Lindberg and Chris Rogers Detail

The chain implements a must-have service throughout a 400-store network as it expands a key Peggy Packer

US Foods Holdings Corp. Issues 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report; Kristin Coleman Discusses

Highlighting the success of a crucial strategy, the distributor emphasizes its commitment to these ambitious Lilian Diep

KLIMON Launches Plant-Based Frozen Dessert at Walmart; Alex Cotraviwat Details

Teaming up with Walmart, the plant-based up-and-comer launches its brand nationwide with several indulgent Anne Allen

Cooks Venture Debuts FoodID “No Antibiotics Ever” Label Backed by Testing; Matthew Wadiak and Kevin Lo Comment

Tapping an impressive partner, the provider draws eyes to this verifiable surety as it increases its on-shelf Melissa De Leon Chavez

United Natural Foods, Inc. Appoints Chris Finck as New Atlantic Region President; Steve Dietz Comments

The foodservice maven channels strategic capabilities to advance its operations with this results-driven whiz as Peggy Packer

Big Y Debuts New Downtown Store Format; Colin D’Amour Comments

This unique store format brings fresh-forward convenience to a bustling market as the chain differentiates its Anne Allen

LesserEvil Acquires R.E.D.D., Expands Portfolio Into a New Category; Charles Coristine and Dan Nordstrom Detail

With the acquisition of this growing brand, the snack supplier moves to progress in the better-for-you Jenna Plasterer

Walmart Appoints John Rainey as New Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Doug McMillon Comments

Naming a vested leader to its C-suite, the grocer taps into over 25 years of business and digital Chandler James

Brave Good Kind Partners With Walmart to Expand Distribution; Prabal Chaudhri Shares

Expanding its distribution of these flagship items, the maker continues to bolster its presence with a big-box Peggy Packer