Savory Items with Classic Italian Flavors
200 years of tradition
New Mini Flatbreads
Discover the elegance of Grand Noir

Expresco Foods Rolls Out Frozen Skewer Line

Introducing a new line in this in-demand format, the meat maven capitalizes on rising consumer Lilian Diep

Kroger and Ocado Announce New Region for High-Tech Fulfillment Center

The retailer rolls out this cutting-edge format in a new region as it brings another innovation to Anne Allen

HelloFresh Acquires Ready-to-Eat Meal Company Factor 75

A 277M-dollar acquisition positions this industry innovator for additional Jordan Okumura

KeHE Distributors Donates 80,000 Meals Through KeHE Cares™ Partnership

Backed by industry partners, the distributor doubles down on its mission to fill a supply chain Anne Allen

Ferrero North America Invests $75 Million in New Manufacturing Facility

This 75M-dollar investment marks a strategic expansion as the brand builds out its presence in the North American Chandler James

Peekaboo Organics Wins Real California Milk Snackcelerator Competition With Ice Cream Featuring Hidden Veggies

A supply-side up-and-comer combines innovation with a unique take on snacking to secure this dairy Lilian Diep

St Pierre Groupe Introduces New Retail Holiday Campaign

The bakery brand elevates the category with the launch of a new retail strategy as specialty demand ramps Jenna Plasterer

Costco Eyes Florida and Tennessee for Expansion

With a 2.4M-dollar investment on the table, the retailer eyes two new hotspots for expansion as it seeks to gain a leg up Jordan Okumura

Loblaw and Gatik Deploy Canada’s First Autonomous Delivery Fleet

Linking arms with this dynamic partner, the retailer rolls out a first-ever innovation across this pivotal Chandler James

Walmart Acquires New Partner

After acquiring this industry partner, the retailer bolsters a crucial operation before a peak sales Anne Allen