World Championship Cheese Contest 2020

WCMA Applauds $20 Million Investment in 2020 for Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives

The association details how this round of funding will support and strengthen the country's dairy Melissa De Leon

Wegmans Continues Expansion Plans

The New York-based grocer continues ramping up its operations across the East Coast, snapping up competitor Chandler James

Chipotle Tests New Format

Looking to support this 1B-dollar division, the chain trials a new restaurant design that boasts both function and Melissa De Leon

Ambrosi Expands Millennials Essentials Cheese Line

The authentic Italian cheesemaker drums up excitement for WFFS with exciting additions to its signature Maggie Mead

Sprouts Farmers Market Opens First Delaware Store

Making its first-ever appearance in this new market, the grocer develops a foothold for continued strategic expansion… Maggie Mead

Publix's Banner GreenWise Market Opens Two New Stores in Florida

Ratcheting up the organic heat, the grocer doubles down on its expansion strategy in this key Lilian Diep

Walmart Invests 200M Dollars in New Distribution Center

The mega retailer invests 200M dollars in this centralized location to secure distribution access to the entire Maggie Mead

Sated Launches Ready-To-Drink Keto Meal Shake

The beverage company hones in on a trending dietary habit, launching a new line to reach a swelling Kayla Webb

Walmart Continues Goals to Remodel 500 Stores with New Associate Teams

The retail giant creates an elite team to keep its annual 500 store remodels a key part of its expansion Kayla Webb

Alltown™ Fresh Announces Second Store Opening

This growing banner doubles its presence in a populous market, expanding the scope of convenience to more organic Anne Allen