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Edelman Deportivo Delivers an Unforgettable Bread Ad

Edelman Deportivo Delivers an Unforgettable Bread Ad

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Staples of Europe appear to be in flux, and to ensure that bread stays top of mind the Brödinstitutet (the Bread Institute) took on the help of Stockholm-based ad agency Edelman Deportivo to showcase the “bread of the future.”

Although I’m not sure that what Edelman has envisioned for that future is one I want to be a part of - where we become cyborg-like with lizard tongues and a hankering for grasshoppers - the message is one I will not soon get out of my mind.

While the commercial does push some limits and resonates with the viewer, it takes about one minute and forty seconds of the 2:18-length commercial to realize you are watching a bread ad. But like a twisted film or news story, you can’t turn it off until you know what it is you’re really watching.

Many in marketing will say that the only bad news is no news, and this most definitely is creating a buzz, not the least of which is snagging the team at DeliMarket News’ attention.

Once you’ve grown fond of Berit, our slightly disturbing but fond-of-the-old-ways baker from the future, you may decide you wish to add her on Snapchat at @breadthefuture, or just search #breadthefutureontwitter and explore multiple languages calling this delightful, disturbing, or both.

Either way, Brödinstitutet, you have our attention!

Cello Whisps - People are talkingWeeknights deserve quality Italian cheese. 100 year AnniversarioDePalo Foods CalzonesVeroni - Enjoy Aperitime

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