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Super Bowl Commercials: Who Made Headlines and How They Are Influencing the Industry

Super Bowl Commercials: Who Made Headlines and How They Are Influencing the Industry

Monday, February 5th, 2018

What do Peter Dinklage, Cardi B, and American citizens have in common? They all made their way into hearts and homes throughout the country, as consumers looked to Sunday’s Eagles and Patriots game for the end-stop to their football season. This Super Bowl took time to make people laugh, cry, and everything in between with its quirky-as-ever commercial advertisements. See our top picks, as we dive into just how influential these ads are on our industry and beyond…

Doritos and Mountain Dew

While Game of Thrones might have broken hearts everywhere when it announced that it won’t be back until 2019, fans can get their Tyrion fix in the new Doritos & Mountain Dew commercial. Peter Dinklage munches on Blaze flavored Doritos as he struts down an aisle of luxuriously upholstered chairs that are backlit with a fireplace sporadically bursting with emphasis on the rhythm of the Busta Rhymes’ “Look at Me Now” rap Dinklage lips. The commercial meets its half-way stop with the Blaze hashtag #SpitFire. From there, the commercial is only made better with Morgan Freeman’s appearance in an opposing set-up, surrounded by icy temperatures instead of Dinklage’s fiery heat as he, too, makes his way toward the camera, but, instead of the Blaze Doritos Dinklage eats, Freeman sips on a Mountain Dew Ice—all the while lip syncing to Missy Elliot’s “Get Yo Freak on.” The commercial is then stamped with Mountain Dew Ice’s hashtag #IceCold. At the end of the commercial, the two actors meet, when fire meets ice.


While this pick isn’t exactly food-focused, it shows just how powerful and impactful Amazon’s products are these days. The industry giant shows its influence when the company’s very own Alexa loses her voice, leading viewers through a laugh-out-loud series of events. Consumers’ questions are met with professionals who, like Rebel Wilson, have no idea what they’re doing or, like Anthony Hopkins, are terrifying or inadequately-suited for the daily tasks we trust with Alexa. Amazon effectively reinforced the necessity of Alexa in its consumers’ lives, showing just how well she helps us move along and how irreplaceable she is in the face of our daily tasks.

Kraft Heinz

While I’m a sucker for a good laugh, as my previous two picks clearly demonstrate, the last pick showcases the power of sentimental advertising. Kraft really tugs on consumers’ heartstrings in its Super Bowl ad, showcasing families all over the country enjoying the Big Game in their own way. After releasing a commercial before the event, informing consumers that they can send in their own experiences to be shown in the actual game’s commercial, people sent in pictures of families gathered and videos of kids dancing, and all, as the company explained, “showed us thousands of ways to family.” The advertisement allowed consumers to enjoy everyone’s family time in the comfort of their own home, creating a universally joyful experience during the Big Game.

How Super Bowl commercials influence our industry:

Advertisements aired during the Big Game carry monumental weight in their influence over pop culture and trends. Think back to the waves Mountain Dew made with its Puppy Monkey Baby—you cannot un-see that commercial, creating a branded effect with shock-value and fun. One commercial this year that has rippled into a successful business venture for a specific deli is the Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” advertisement. “Dilly Dilly,” a phrase with an origin story that has a life of its own, has become a fun catch-phrase for all things cheers-worthy. The Game of Thrones-like set-up is just the trick to laugh our way through 2018 until the show returns, but the effects of “Dilly Dilly” are felt all across the lands.

According to Thrillist, Philadelphia-based Dietz & Watson, a delicatessen foods specialty shop, has tapped into the fun and excitement swirling around “Dilly Dilly” with its redesign of the term: “Deli Deli!” The company even created its own commercial, using the chant to curate a new following. Those interested in Dietz & Watson’s “Deli Deli” happenings were able to score a free sandwich at Ye Royal Deli, a set-up from the company specifically for Sunday’s festivities, through Amazon Prime’s Amazon Fresh. A ten-hour live stream of the events allowed consumers to join in on the fun at the company’s 37 markets, though certain spots had a medieval-styled courier to match the medieval-styled “Dilly Dilly” Super Bowl commercial.

Will we see more Super Bowl commercials reflections in our industry, and how will the influential standing of iconic terms like “Dilly Dilly” further embed themselves in deli businesses? We’ll continue to keep you in the loop on all industry trends at Deli Market News!


 Authentic Brick-oven baked pizza crustCalifornia Sun Dry sun-dried tomatoes - From our fields to your tableSo real you can taste itCello Whisps - People are talkingKitchen Table Bakers CheeseCelebrity: Fall Entertaining Made Easy

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