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Aldi Debuts Rock 'N Roll Cheese Line

Aldi Debuts Rock 'N Roll Cheese Line

Growing up, the car radio dials were set on ’80s rock and roll stations, and to even think about switching to a different channel was sacrilege! Following Aldi’s latest cheese-nouncement, I’m wondering if Aldi either a) is secretly my dad in retail disguise or b) at the very least, had a similar childhood as me because the retailer is throwing it way back and debuting a limited-edition, ’80s-themed line of Happy Farms cheeses complete with everything we love about one of rock ‘n rolls greatest decades—I’m talking giant perms, loud colors, and only the best crooners of Generation X.

The line hit shelves February 6, which Delish conveniently points out is the Thursday before the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. But, the best part of the whole deal is that Aldi pulled out all the stops to name the cheeses in the line, including:

  • Pour Some Gouda On Me
  • Total Eclipse of the Havarti
  • Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat
  • Sweet Cheddar of Mine
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina

On February 6, Aldi launched a limited-edition, ’80s-themed line of Happy Farms cheeses

Whoever is behind this pun-the-house-down line is my new hero!

If you were to launch a cheese line in true Aldi fashion, what would your theme be? Mine would be K-pop, with the likes of I Got A Feta, Fantastic Blue Cheese, and I Need You Brie in my lineup. (If you understood any of these references, hit me up so we can be best friends!)

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