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IDDBA Highlights the  Experience Economy  for Its 2017 Show

IDDBA Highlights the "Experience Economy" for Its 2017 Show

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s™ (IDDBA) Show and Sell will explore the fundamentals of the “Experience Economy” at IDDBA 17. Attendees at the show, held in Anaheim, CA, June 4-6, will have the opportunity to experience interactive and innovative merchandising concepts designed to energize their stores and engage, entertain, and educate their shoppers.

“For more and more consumers, shopping isn’t simply about purchasing products,” said Jeremy Johnson, Education Director, IDDBA. “It’s about the experiences they encounter and oftentimes actively seek, whether it provides entertainment value, a learning encounter about a specific product or process, or exploring new tastes or flavors for the first time.”

The Experience Economy—a term, IDDBA explaines in a press release, first used in 1998 by Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore—is a concept whereby businesses engage customers through their shopping experience, not simply through products and services. Companies can engage consumers through four key aspects of experience: entertainment, education, aesthetics, and escapism.

“This new way of engaging with shoppers is the inspiration for many of the concepts and merchandising ideas planned for this year’s Show and Sell,” added Johnson.

The IDDBA’s Show and Sell—an interactive marketplace of merchansiding ideas and retailing concepts will showcase unique foodservice concepts, fresh merchandising ideas, educational messaging, and other ideas attendees can share and potentially implement themselves. Concepts will include:

  • A breakfast bakery bar with lingering aromas of freshly baked goods and brewed coffee, and a seating area to enjoy the experience.
  • A cheese pub that will let attendees experience unique cheese pairings and tapas that retailers could easily offer in their stores.
  • In-store foodservice that creates an engaging experience with the sights, sounds, smells, and pace of a fully functioning in-store foodservice program that attracts shoppers seeking prepared food options.
  • Cake design that will provide attendees with creative and unique cake ideas for entertaining occasions, as well as a unique and interactive “cakescape” display that will evolve and grow throughout the three-day show.

The event will also feature Show and Sell Workshops with how-to sessions presented by industry leaders and chefs.

Potential attendees can learn more about Show and Sell, here, and register for IDDBA 17 here.

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