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IDDBA Offers New Mentoring Incentive

IDDBA Offers New Mentoring Incentive

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Ours is an industry of passing knowledge from one generation to the next, and the IDDBA has recently given companies one more reason to start or support a mentor program.

The association unveiled a new grant program specific to employees of member companies who have or are beginning a mentor relationship with emerging professionals in the business, with opportunities of up to $1,000.

“Emerging professionals today represent diverse backgrounds, educations, and even career paths,” the IDDBA said on its website. “Therefore, grants can be used in many ways to contribute to the continued growth and development of mentees and the future of dairy, deli, and bakery.”

To apply, the IDDBA has provided an application that can be downloaded by clicking here.


Whether recently out of school or new to both their chosen career path within the industry, the IDDBA is looking to encourage and support seasoned professionals acting as mentor to the next generation and passing that knowlege on.

The grant money is good towards a number of things that can help further a learning situation between the mentor and their student, including:

  • Trade Show Registration
  • Professional Workshops/Seminars/Books
  • Networking Events
  • Store/Facility Tours
  • Job Shadowing
  • Flight/Hotels for Mentor/Mentee Meetings

The IDDBA classifies a mentor as someone who is a knowledgeable expert in the industry who is willing to commit to hearing business and industry expertise, and has a mentee/student. This person should spread a unified message about the rewards and opportunities available in the dairy, deli, and bakery industries, and is committed to both understanding and communicating the services and resources the IDDBA makes available.

On the other side of the coin, a mentee/student should aspire to benefit from the experience of those currently in the industries, eager to grow in any of the dairy, deli, or bakery categories.

For those that are currently working towards helping to shape a future or new member the industries, even a member of the IDDBA community in the making, can reach out to the association to learn more about how to take part in this exciting new resource.