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Beer & Cheese Pairings: Green Demon Slayer

Beer & Cheese Pairings: Green Demon Slayer

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Welcome to this edition of Beer & Cheese Pairings.

This week’s beer has a flavor profile that should pair well with lots of different types of cheeses. With that in mind, I chose a sturdy dry jack, a yeasty and sharp aged goat cheese, and a tangy fresh goat cheese. Let’s jump right in.

From left to right: Vella Cheeses’ Vella Dry Jack, Vermont Creamery’s Bijou, and Cypress Grove’s Bermuda Triangle


Green Demon Slayer is a wonderfully balanced DIPA from Thirsty Pagan Brewing. It pours a dark amber color and has a sweet and hoppy aroma. It features citrus and mild pine notes that are balanced by sweet malt, making it a good pairing companion to various styles of cheese.

Thirsty Pagan Brewing's Green Demon Slayer


Vella Dry Jack is a dulcet and mellow American cheese from Vella Cheeses. It has a bold and nutty flavor that originated with milk from grass fed cows, which is then hand-formed. And cured in brine and rubbed with oil, pepper and cocoa. This cheese was a worthy companion for the beer, adding a nice salty bite.

Vella Cheeses' Vella Dry Jack

Bijou from Vermont Creamery is an aged goat cheese that is geotrichum-rinded and ripened for one week. Its highlight is a delicious yeasty flavor that is uniquely sweet. This was my favorite cheese and pairing of the day. It was the perfect temperature and sharpness of the cheese really matched the intensity of the beer.

Vermont Creamery's Bijou

Bermuda Triangle from Cypress Grove is famous for its distinctive triangular shape and wonderful layer of edible black ash. It is wickedly tart and tangy with bright pepper tones. I enjoyed immensely on its own, but its sharp tang was too much for the DIPA and overtook the pairing.

Cypress Grove's Bermuda Triangle

Thank you for reading this installment of Beer & Cheese Pairings. Tune back in next week for another all new pairing.

Vella CheeseVermont CreameryCypress Grove

Beano's - First in Deli. Always Delicious.Simple done rightBeano's - First in Deli. Always Delicious.

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