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Amazon Transforms Select Whole Foods Locations into Dark Stores

Amazon Transforms Select Whole Foods Locations into Dark Stores

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Known for stepping outside of the traditional retail box, Amazon is once again veering off the beaten path in order to continue to grow its grocery business and keep up with today's consumer demand. This time around, the e-tail behemoth is launching a strategy in which it will transform Whole Foods Market locations into “dark stores,” or fulfillment centers.

Amazon is transitioning Whole Foods Market locations to dark stores to fulfill more online grocery orders

Last week, grocery giant Amazon announced on its website that it will be closing off some of its Whole Foods stores to customers and converting them into fulfillment centers. Store hours at these location will be adjusted in order to help workers focus exclusively on fulfilling online grocery orders. This is yet another way for both Amazon and Whole Foods to stay on top of online grocery orders and other delivery and pickup needs.

Stephenie Landry, Vice President of Grocery Delivery, AmazonAccording to a report by NASDAQ, Stephenie Landry, Vice President of Grocery Delivery, reported that a Whole Foods store in Woodland Hills, California, that was originally slated to open in February, has already been completely transformed into a “temporary online-only store, focused exclusively on fulfilling grocery delivery orders.”

In addition, Amazon is also hiring 75,000 workers, on top of its original 100,000 hiring spree.

What will Amazon do next to keep up with today's unprecedented market? Deli Market News will continue to keep our industry updated with the latest.

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