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Anchor Packaging Gourmet Classics

Anchor Packaging presents Gourmet Classics, a line of hinged, one-piece, black bottom packages in 6, 7½, and 9 inch diameters. Suitable for a wide variety of cold food applications, Gourmet Classics are available in deep and shallow profiles to package between 14 to 40 fluid ounces. The unique, eye-catching, polygon design provides a modern, sophisticated look. The one-piece attached lid means no separate parts to get lost, and inventory can be kept to a minimum. And the lid is easy to close as well. Simply fold the lid over the base and push down until you hear an audible snap, letting you know it's closed. Or using your fingers and thumbs, place your hands together and push the lid and base closed as your hands move around the perimeter and meet at the other side. The leak-resistant closure locks in freshness and prevents liquid from escaping. When you're ready to eat, simply tear away the lid and place it under the base. When you're done, the package can be re-closed for leftovers. Dome lids often fog when chilled, but Gourmet Classics uses special Clear Guard anti-fog technology to keep lids crystal clear. This encourages impulse sales and prevents order errors. Gourmet Classics are made with a minimum of 10% FDA approved, post-consumer recycled PET and are also eligible for recycling after use with water bottles and other PET and RPET products embossed with the number 1 recycle symbol. These environmentally friendly features reduce the amount of oil based resin used to make the product, allow materials to be re-used, and recycle again making Gourmet Classics a sustainable option. Select the Gourmet Classics package that best fits your application or choose from the many other unique products available for your cold or hot food applications. Gourmet Classics: the smart, effective option to increase sales of your cold foods.