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Applegate Farms Launches New Innovative Offerings

Applegate Farms Launches New Innovative Offerings

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Wrangling carnivores into enjoying healthier meat options is not always the easiest task, take it from me. And, I get it—it’s hard to let go of the goodies that have been diet staples for so long. But, with an all-new innovative organics line, Applegate will have even the stubbornest meat lovers sending their former meaty faves out the door while singing Bye Bye Bye.

The new Applegate Organics® line features first-of-its-kind products, including The Great Organic Blend Burger™, and ups the ante of Applegate’s mission: Changing The Meat We Eat®. The clean label burger blends together humanely-raised organic meat and sustainable organic mushrooms for a meal choice that is perfect for flexitarians on all ends of the spectrum. Starting this March, the product is available in two varieties: Organic 100 Percent Grass-Fed Beef, and Organic Turkey.

John Ghingo, President, Applegate Farms“The Great Organic Blend Burger™ is a win, win, win for conscious carnivores—people who crave meat, but also want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. By blending meat with mushrooms, not only were we able to create a burger that is juicy and flavor-packed, but also more nutritious, with fewer calories and less fat, than a regular beef burger,” said company President John Ghingo in a press release. “It’s a game-changing innovation, and it’s one of many ways we’re continuing to meet consumers’ needs through unique and irresistible products.”

Applegate's clean label burger blends together humanely-raised organic meat and sustainable organic mushrooms

In addition to the burger, Applegate is introducing Snackables, Applegate Naturals® No-Sugar Breakfast Sausage, and new brand THE NEW FOOD COLLECTIVE™.

With its new Snackables product, Applegate is entering the snacking category and bringing consumers a great grab-and-go snack pack option with a clean label and high standards. The product is available in a Pepperoni and Cheddar Snack Pack (offering either turkey or pork and beef pepperoni with Applegate Naturals® Medium Cheddar cheese) and a Genoa Charcuterie Plate (featuring Applegate Naturals® Genoa Salami, Applegate Naturals®Pepper Jack or Medium Cheddar cheese).

With its new No-Sugar Breakfast Sausage, Applegate is leaning into consumer demands for less sugar. The new addition features the bold flavors associated with the Applegate brand and is made with simple and clean ingredients, no antibiotics, nor nitrates and nitrites. Available in both Original Pork and Chicken & Herb, the no-sugar line extension is Whole30 Approved®, featuring the seal of approval on its packs.

Applegate's all-new innovative organics line provides healthier meat options

Lastly, THE NEW FOOD COLLECTIVE is a new premium brand that showcases pasture-raised meats, small-batch production, and inspired culinary products. Sourcing its meat from small farms in Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri that are committed to raising animals on pasture in ways that regenerate soil, improve water retention, and boost biodiversity, the brand offers a line of fresh sausages­ that contain the first pork to be certified by the American Grassfed Association, according to a press release. The line also is Global Animal Partnership Step 4 rated. Shoppers can find the line exclusively at Whole Foods Markets in the Chicago area.

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