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Ashley Meadows and Nina Damato Divulge Details on Blue Circle Foods’ Latest Salmon Salad and Reformulated Happy Fish

Ashley Meadows and Nina Damato Divulge Details on Blue Circle Foods’ Latest Salmon Salad and Reformulated Happy Fish

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

I’m an avid fish eater, whether it’s raw, cooked, or in between. So, imagine my delight when I heard Blue Circle Foods recently released its Salmon Salad and a reformulated Happy Fish patty. I spoke with Ashely Meadows and Nina Damato on these new SKUs and how Blue Circle brings sustainability and flavor to the forefront.

Nina Damato, Product Director, Blue Circle Foods“The Salmon Salad fits both in the deli aisle and in shoppers’ fridges because it requires no prep,” Nina, Product Director, explains to me about the company’s latest release that’s already winning over both young and adult consumers. “It’s so delicious and healthy, my two-year-old would eat it right out of the container!”

Available in 8 oz or 16 oz containers, the product is made with fresh, not canned, Atlantic salmon and high-quality ingredients like lemon juice, herbs, and celery. The new product is an excellent alternative to traditional tuna salads, packed with omega-3s and free from antibiotics and mercury.

Ashely Meadows, Director of Digital Marketing, Blue Circle Foods“Our Atlantic salmon has double the brain-boosting omega-3s as our competitors due to the feed we use,” continues Ashley, Director of Digital Marketing. “In addition to the Salmon Salad, we sell the salmon in a variety of options, such as frozen portions, hot and cold smoked salmon, burgers, and in our Happy Fish. We’re hoping to incorporate salmon more into our portfolio with up-and-coming formats.”

For those looking to make mealtime fun again at home and in foodservice operations, Blue Circle is coupling the new Salmon Salad release with its newly reformulated Happy Fish patties. The reformulated recipe now includes lemon juice, making the fish-shaped patties even more appealing to kids and parents alike.

Blue Circle Foods recently released its latest product, Salmon Salad, to accompany its reformulated Happy Fish patty for shoppers looking for more sea fare

We’re always looking at how to make things better. If there is a new recipe that we think is better than the existing one, we’re not afraid to come out and say we found something even more delicious,” Nina tells me. “The time and research it takes to bring the best quality and best-tasting products, all while meeting our sustainability standards, are worth the investment.”

Sustainability plays a key part in the company’s mission. All of the company’s products are mindfully sourced from a network of accredited farmers and fishermen to ensure responsibility for the planet’s resources. In doing so, Blue Circle not only meets its own standards but consumers’ as well.

“People are looking to eat food that has a purpose, a story, that serves both society and their health, but they don’t want it to be cumbersome,” Ashley, explains. “Convenience is still the top priority. We meet this demand by adhering to the same strict sustainability standards we’ve had for decades and by continually innovating both our sourcing methods and our product line.”

The Happy Fish patties are available in salmon and cod and now include lemon juice to make the fish-shaped treats more appealing to kids and parents alike

To meet these needs, the company starts with its ingredients.

“There is a huge consumer trend for cleaner labels and general concerns on how the ingredients impact their own well-being,” Nina informs me. “Therefore, we work with like-minded farmers and identify amazing family-owned farms that focus on sustainability.”

Ashley tells me that the key to great ingredients is to create lasting partnerships with like-minded farms and fisheries. Together with its partners, Blue Circle can help ensure a bright future for our planet and help raise the next generation of seafood lovers.

“Blue Circle is continuously working on new products that focus on sustainable practices and delicious, nutritious, and convenient products for our customers,” Nina imparts on me. “People want to have more interesting dinners at home since they’re not able to go to restaurants or they’re embracing the home-cooking lifestyle. So, we’re very active in launching new products, and it’s a big lift to get something out there.”

All of Blue Circle Foods’ products are mindfully sourced from a network of accredited farmers and fishermen, ensuring responsibility and sustainability across the board

Happy Fish patties and the Salmon Salad are available both in retail and for foodservice along with its expansive portfolio, including Salmon Burgers, Salmon With Butters, and Black Tiger Shrimp.

Deli Market News will keep an eye on how health and trends influence shoppers’ dollars, so stick around for the latest.

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