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Beemster Featured on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show; Mary Caldwell Comments

Beemster Featured on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show; Mary Caldwell Comments

Friday, April 29th, 2022

Cheese can make poets of us all. I’ve thought about this because a large portion of my professional life is spent pondering—at length—the power of a premium cheese case. Whether cheese is bolstering higher basket rings or endearing shoppers to try their hand at gourmet meals, there’s a reason why poetry comes to mind.

Even Stephen Colbert couldn’t help waxing poetic over cheese. In a recent segment, he plays with a charcuterie metaphor—and that metaphor name drops quite a few well-known companies, including our very own Beemster—and its aged Gouda.

Beemster and its aged Gouda were recently spotlighted by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

"We were thrilled to hear Stephen Colbert use Beemster as a metaphor to illustrate the richness and complexity of his monologues,” expressed Mary Caldwell, Marketing Manager. “It even touches on the power of food to transcend. As he meandered with great detail through the metaphor, I was mentally going through my fridge to figure out what I had on hand for a midnight snack. I was completely on board for the ride!”

The writing team at Deli Market News loves to see recognition for the companies we so lovingly work with. And moments like Colbert’s monologue will resonate in shoppers’ minds when they walk past the cheese case.

To see the clip for yourself, click here.

As always, check back in with us here at Deli Market News for the latest in the industry.

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