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Belgian Boys' CEO Details Product Expansion

Belgian Boys' CEO Details Product Expansion

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Cheesecake and lava cakes are easily two of my favorite desserts—and for those consumers looking for immediate decadence, Belgian Boys has just the answer. As its products roll out across Kroger banners, Whole Foods, and regional specialty retailers, the company is gearing up for even further expansion. I spoke with the Belgian Boys team to learn more.

Anouck Gotlib, CEO, Belgian Boys"Our Cheesecakes and Lava Cakes are made in Belgium of high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. Delivery in a glass ramekin offers a premium look and is sustainable,” Anouck Gotlib, CEO, shared with me, before diving into where else Belgian Boys’ products will be found in the upcoming months. “Following our initial launch, we will add Jewel-Osco, Central Market, Amazon Go, and a few additional regional specialty retailers in Q4 and early 2020."

Belgian Boys is offering up flavors like Raspberry Cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, Key Lime Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, and more

The cheesecake line includes flavors like New York Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake, Cookie Butter Cheesecake, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Key Lime Cheesecake—all of which sound like a dream. The lava cakes come in premium flavors such as Salted Caramel Lava Cake and Dark Chocolate Lava Cake. On top of lava cakes being new to dessert sets, both items are single-serve—a sure-fire way to get consumers interested in trying new products.

With its sustainable—and cheeky—packaging, Belgian Boys not only entices consumers with the promise of taste, but with the promise of fun

"Unlike many of our products, which require education for the American consumer, we found people were excited about a delicious familiar indulgence right away,” Anouck expressed. "As a company, our mission is to offer premium quality products to the modern-day, comfort-food-loving customer. There are a lot of cool brands in frozen desserts doing ice cream, but we are bringing something different for the modern consumer."

With its sustainable—and cheeky—packaging, Belgian Boys not only entices consumers with the promise of taste, but with the promise of fun.

Milica Tucakovic, Creative Director, Belgian Boys"With our Cheesecake and Lava Cake packaging we wanted to create a bright, fun color-blocked look that would be attractive to new customers,” stated Milica Tucakovic, Creative Director. “We brought our mascots Skinny & Chubby to life, highlighting the quirky personality of the Belgian Boys Founders, Greg Galel and Joel Davidovici, who the characters are based on."

Robin Kula, VP of Sales, Belgian BoysRobin Kula, Vice President of Sales, added, “The glass ramekin has a lot going for it: sustainable, premium, and 'unmarked' so each consumer can make it their own and have a turn-key dessert for entertaining. The timing of the launch as we head into Q4 and holiday entertaining has been very helpful in building excitement around our new line.”

With the holidays creeping around the corner, I can imagine more consumers desiring quick and delicious dessert options. Retailers, stock up!

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