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Belgian Boys Unveils New Product Line

Belgian Boys Unveils New Product Line

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Belgian Boys is headed to next week’s Expo West with four new products under its belt. Its new line of cookies, which include Belgian Chocolate Bars, Almond Butter Cakes—known as financiers for those fancy folk—Chocolate Caramel Cookie Tarts, and Raspberry Cookie Tarts. All are made in France with premium, non-GMO ingredients.

Greg Galel, President, Belgian Boys“We’re so excited to expand our offerings with this new line of cookies that embody the European ethos of real ingredients and indulgence to the U.S.,” said Greg Galel, President. “These are tried and true indulgent combinations like chocolate and caramel, crunchy butter cookie with the sweetness of raspberry, and the butter cakes that make a sweet two-bite treat with your coffee.”

The success of its Mini Mustache Cookies inspired the brand to continue building out its on-the-go offerings. Each new product fits in line with something easily tucked into a lunchbox.

Anouck Gotlib, Chief Executive Officer, Belgian Boys“I myself am the kind of parent who gives grapes and apples for snack, but kids are just like adults—they want a real treat now and again,” stated Anouck Gotlib, Chief Executive Officer, and mother of two boys under four years old. “I love that I can give just one to my son. We open it, enjoy it, and then it’s all gone. I love seeing the smile on my son’s face when he notices that pink wrapper with the Belgian Boys logo in his lunchbox.”

Belgian Boys' new line of cookies include Belgian Chocolate Bards, Almond Butters Cakes, Chocolate Caramel Cookie Tarts, and Raspberry Cookie Tarts

Consumers will welcome the sight of Belgian Boys’ mascots Skinny and Chubby making mischief on these new products. The brand is also rolling out new packaging across its existing products, all of which will debut at Expo West. Eye-catching and sleek, the updated branding is sure to catch eyes wherever it goes.

Mili Tucakovic, Creative Director, Belgian Boys“We heard from both consumers and buyers that the bright colors of our packaging was our strength,” said Mili Tucakovic, Creative Director, in a press release. “They shine even more in our renovated packaging as we have cleaned up the front of the pack with a more minimalistic approach. On the back of the pack, the quirkiness of our mascots shines and connects all of our products together with deeper storytelling.”

Belgian Boys will have the new cookies and renovated packaging on display at booth #2017 in the North Hall.

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