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BelGioioso Cheese Strengthens Position as One-Stop Shop in Service Deli Arena; Umberto Marconi Shares

BelGioioso Cheese Strengthens Position as One-Stop Shop in Service Deli Arena; Umberto Marconi Shares

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

With over 40 years of cheesemaking expertise under its belt, BelGioioso Cheese continues to innovate in the deli sector. As it strengthens its position as a one-stop shop, the company dials down into the service deli arena.

Umberto Marconi, Vice President of Marketing, BelGioioso Cheese“We are looking to collaborate with retailers to become their single resource to address all of their deli needs for Italian cheeses,” Umberto Marconi, Vice President of Marketing, shared with me. “Whether it be labor saving via slicing and/or pre-packing, innovation in new flavors and varieties, assortment planning, culinary expertise or other areas where retailers need help. With the highest quality Italian cheeses available, robust manufacturing capabilities, and in-house management of all of our operations, BelGioioso is well positioned to provide maximum flexibility for our retail partners.”

Umberto emphasized that BelGioioso’s cheese and capabilities can add value via specialized activations to cover all areas of the deli section, from bulk service deli (“behind the glass”) to grab-and-go, and wall deli, specialty deli, and prepared foods.

BelGioioso Cheese continues to innovate in the deli sector as it strengthens its standing to be a one-stop shop for all Italian cheese needs

“We built the BelGioioso brand on the quality of our cheeses and our use of traditional, artisan production methods,” Umberto noted. “Our commitment to quality and our focus on service are also demonstrated by our 99 percent order fill rates. We made sure cases were stocked even through the harshest times of the pandemic. We also have chefs and culinary experts on staff, who can create unique meals and recipes that retailers and shoppers love.”

With expertise spanning decades and market intelligence that’s tough to beat, BelGioioso helps its retail partners drive growth throughout all areas of the deli arena.

“We have always had a presence in the service arena—Provolone Salame being the item that launched the BelGioioso brand in 1979! More recently, our logs, wedges, and cups have built our prominence in specialty, allowing us to become a staple for many consumers,” Umberto continued. “But with the popularity of Italian cheeses in the service deli and grab-and-go (including Provolone, Mozzarella, Fontina and Asiago), and as a leading purveyor of classic Italian cheeses, we are uniquely positioned to add value to our retail partners and their deli shoppers.”

With expertise spanning decades, the BelGioioso Cheese brand of quality cheese stems from traditional, artisan production methods, uniquely positioning the company to add value to the cheese counter

BelGioioso’s cheese is made in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland, where the company got its start. Later, it would add manufacturing plants in New York. The company represents what Umberto explains to me is the total package, meaning that the cheesemaker has unique manufacturing, slicing, and marketing capabilities.

“Partnering with us means you’re partnering with a company that can help with labor savings, customization, innovation, and driving larger baskets. We manage the slicing, packaging, insight generation, and assortment planning so retailers don’t have to,” Umberto said. “Given our flexibility, we can tailor items and offerings to directly meet the needs of our retail partners, and our breadth of offerings across fresh to aged Italian cheeses is unmatched in the industry.”

With new items constantly in development, BelGioioso brings a brand that retailers can trust and a portfolio that will drive up register rings.

This innovative company is one we love to watch here at Deli Market News, so stay tuned for even more developments on the horizon.

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