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Bell & Evans Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Nuggets with Family Size Resealable Bag Launch; Scott Sechler Comments

Bell & Evans Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Nuggets with Family Size Resealable Bag Launch; Scott Sechler Comments

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Twenty years of success in any industry is worth celebrating, especially in one as competitive as the deli sector. Two decades ago, Bell & Evans brought its delicious, whole-muscle chicken breast nuggets to market. Now, the company is celebrating this milestone with the release of a family-size portion packaged in a resealable bag.

Scott Sechler, Owner, Bell & Evans"Chicken nuggets have a bad reputation for being overly processed, especially many of the new 'healthier'-marketed versions, but that's not the case with Bell & Evans Nuggets," said Owner Scott Sechler. "We're very proud of our simple, real Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets."

The new, 30 oz, resealable bag fulfills consumer requests for a family-size portion of the mouthwatering offering, and its adhesive reseal technology allows shoppers to open and reseal the bag as many times as needed, bringing a unique innovation to the freezer aisle while reducing its space in the freezer. The new bags will be available in Whole Foods Market in November, according to a press release, and will also be offered in 12 oz retail boxes with a fresh new packaging design, with gluten-free and organic gluten-free varieties available.

Bell & Evans is celebrating its 20-year milestone with the release of a family-size portion of its Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets packaged in a resealable bag

Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets are whole-muscle breast meat chunks of chicken that are brined, battered, and lightly breaded in simple, clean ingredients. As noted in the release, the nuggets are sold raw and frozen so that consumers can cook them at home for the first time for the best quality eating experience.

Bell & Evans holds itself to superior standards of chicken production from hatch to harvest. Some other key differentiating factors in the company's products include:

  • 100 percent Air Chilled during processing for meat tenderization and to preserve the natural juices and flavor
  • X-rayed twice for bone detection, once as a whole breast and again as whole breast chunks, for superior quality assurance
  • The extruded and expeller-pressed organic soybean oil used to set the breading is produced for Bell & Evans from 100 percent U.S.-sourced organic soybeans used in Bell & Evans' organic-certified chicken feed

To see exactly how these healthy, mouthwatering products are made, click here.

It's easy to see why this drool-worthy offering has been flying off the shelves for two decades now. So buyers, are you ready to continue the trend at your store?

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