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Better Brand Unveils First Product

Better Brand Unveils First Product

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Health-conscious shoppers looking for a better-for-you carb substitute will be looking no more once this new product hits retail shelves. Better Brand, an innovative food tech startup, has set out to make carbs more enjoyable without the guilt—a key factor consumers are keeping in mind when perusing aisles. The company recently announced plans to launch its first product, The Better Bagel, turning one of the most carb-heavy foods into the carb equivalent of ½ of an orange or 1/5 of a banana.

Aimee Yang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Better Brand“There are so many incredible advancements being made in the food tech space every day—the majority of which currently surround the production of alternate, plant-based proteins,” said Aimee Yang, Founder and CEO. “We’ve found that the majority of anxieties surrounding diet are weight-related and largely driven by refined carb consumption. We’re excited to be leading innovation in this category, with the goal of creating a world where consumers have the ability to eat freely without restriction or worry, while improving human health on a macro level.”

The company pairs its Grain-changing Technology™ with real, clean label ingredients to break a paradigm in diet and healthy eating, allowing consumers the freedom to indulge in their favorite comfort foods without restriction. Better Brand’s products feature fewer carbs, more protein, chef-crafted flavor, and plant-based ingredients alongside its proprietary food technology to take the ‘guilty’ out of ‘guilty pleasure.’

This announcement comes on the heels of Better Brand’s unprecedented raise, marking the company’s Founder, Yang, as one of the first sole female founders to raise over $1M in a venture led pre-seed round across the food tech, food and beverage, and consumer sectors. According to the release, the round was led by VERSO Capital, an active player in the food tech space, who has invested over $245M in startups across the food tech, climate tech, and biotech sectors throughout the past four years, placing Better Brand in a portfolio amongst food tech giants Impossible Foods and Eat Just. VERSO was joined by a suite of notable investors including Wendy’s heir Sean Thomas, actress Emmy Rossum, and Venture for America’s CEO Dorie Smith.

Better Brand, an innovative food tech startup, announced plans to launch its first product, The Better Bagel

Better Brands’ The Better Bagel will feature 5g of net carbs and be housed in a design-forward, sustainable packaging with a transparent case, showcasing the brand’s dedication to all natural, Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, along with the set of simple, yet powerful beliefs the company was founded on: the belief that unnecessary limits are meant to be broken; that everyone deserves to enjoy freedom and joy to the fullest; the belief that a Better world is possible, and that together, we’ll create it. The product will be available for purchase in select retailers nationwide, and on the company’s website in May 2021.

What new product will take over the aisles next? Deli Market News will keep an eye out for the latest.

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