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Big Y Expands Footprint in Massachusetts; Charles L. D’Amour and Nate Draper Comment

Big Y Expands Footprint in Massachusetts; Charles L. D’Amour and Nate Draper Comment

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

If you find yourself in the Norwood, Massachusetts, area, you may witness an exciting commotion filled with virtual store tours, giveaways, and more. These are the signs of a retail celebration, as Big Y has brought its 72nd supermarket location to the booming region.

Charles D’Amour, President and Chief Executive Officer, Big Y“All of us at Big Y are excited to show the Norwood community our unique shopping experience. I’m very proud of our teams who have been working diligently for months to prepare this market for opening,” commented President and Chief Executive Officer, Charles L. D’Amour. “We know that our customers will appreciate our selection of fresh and local foods, our outstanding employee service, and the value and variety that our new store has to offer.”

Standing at 54,465 square feet, Big Y’s newest store features a multitude of signature offerings. As noted in a press release, there will be over 2,000 other products from local suppliers as well as chef-prepared fresh daily offerings.

Shoppers visiting the Norwood Big Y location will also have access to the myExpress Checkout service, which provides convenience and safety as they can scan their own items for a faster shopping trip.

The time has arrived for Big Y to open its 72nd supermarket location in Norwood, Massachusetts

Big Y has hired 100 new associates to man the store to date, and will continue hiring associates as it opens its doors.

“Our team has been nothing less than amazing throughout this process. From construction to procurement, sales, and operations, everyone has proved to be ‘better together’ to make sure the store is the best possible place for customers to shop,” said Nate Draper, Store Director. “The team in-store has been working diligently to get all of our new employees acclimated and trained to provide the world-class shopping experience that our customers have come to expect from us. The time, effort, and care put in by every person at every level truly prove to me that we are still a Big Y family focused on doing what's right and creating solutions for and connections with our customers above all else.”

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