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Cape Cod® Launches Limited-Edition Chips For Breast Cancer Awareness

Cape Cod® Launches Limited-Edition Chips For Breast Cancer Awareness

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

As a college student, when I faced the long, brutal winters in Boston, hibernation became a way of life. But there was always one thing that roused me from my seasonal slumber—the quest for snacks. The demand for snack-friendly foods has skyrocketed as convenience-centric eating increases. Chips have been a snacking golden standard for some time now, but today’s potato chip makers have been experimenting with flavors and marketing techniques to grab consumers’ attention. Cape Cod® is taking this idea to new heights, recently launching limited-edition Pink Himalayan Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Potato Chips during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Aaron Torchio, Director of Marketing, Cape Cod®“We are proud to further support our New England community by continuing to donate to the world-renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,” commented Aaron Torchio, Director of Marketing. “This limited-edition offering not only tastes great, but it also gives our fans a great way to become involved in this important cause.”

The new potato chip flavor is not only delicious (like, seriously delicious), but also serves a charitable purpose. Cape Cod has partnered with Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute for the second time in a row, donating five percent of proceeds (12 cents for every purchase) directly to the New England-based cancer treatment and research facility, the company reports.

Cape Cod’s limited-edition Pink Himalayan Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Potato Chips support the research and treatment of breast cancer

But consumers will be craving these limited-batch chips for more than noble intention, since the Himalayan Salt & Red Wine flavor is truly exceptional. The chips are perfectly salted, and the red wine vinegar imparts extra flavor, while delivering the signature “kick” of traditional salt and vinegar chips. Like the rest of Cape Cod’s offerings, the new limited-edition flavor is crafted with high-quality ingredients and cooked in authentic kettles for an unmatched crunch and golden hue.

The Pink Himalayan Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Potato Chips are available in 6.5-ounce bags with an MSRP of $3.79, and are in-stock at national retailers, including Kroger, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and more, throughout the month of October.

There’s still time to snatch these chips up, so buyers should make their move now to provide their customers with a product that tastes great, while supporting a worthy cause.

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