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Cole Glass Gets Candid on Latest Hero Bread™ Releases

Cole Glass Gets Candid on Latest Hero Bread™ Releases

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Let’s get this bread! And I’m not just talking about money. Though with the offerings Hero Bread™ provides, the colloquialism goes both ways. And the opportunities keep rolling in as the better-for-you bakery innovation brand recently added its new Seeded Loaf to the portfolio.

Cole Glass, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hero Bread™“Forget traditional bread or even low-carb offerings. We’ve taken on the food that has fueled people for centuries and made it better for you, while removing the bad stuff, like net carbs and sugar, to meet the diets of consumers today. In fact, we did it without compromising the amazing taste and soft texture we ALL love,” Founder Cole Glass shares. “Hero Bread is making it possible to eat what you love without compromise!”

Currently available for $24 for two loaves, the new Seeded Loaf is the fifth product in the rising portfolio. Seeded Loaf surpasses the offerings of other competitors' seeded, sliced bread options, containing only 1 g net carb, 0 g sugar, and 60 calories per slice. It’s a great option for consumers looking to reduce calories, sugar, or net carbs without sacrificing taste and texture.

Hero Bread offers the same great taste as traditional bread, but with significantly lower net carbs. The company is able to achieve this through one key ingredient: resistant wheat starch. This dietary fiber is “resistant” to digestion, which means it isn’t broken down into sugars and absorbed by the body. This ingredient is the keystone for Hero Bread’s amazing flavor and success.

Better-for-you bakery innovation brand Hero Bread™ recently added its new Seeded Loaf to the portfolio, Founder Cole Glass shared

“It tastes just like bread because it is bread! The same soft, airy texture and delicious flavor you’d expect in your favorite breads, tortillas, or other baked goods can be found in our range of products,” Cole explains.

Officially announced just earlier this month, Hero Bread’s most popular items are now available in retail at all Market District and Dom’s Kitchen & Market locations, in addition to Hero Tortillas’ new quick service restaurant (QSR) availability at all Just Salad and Freebirds World Burrito restaurants.

In addition, Hero Bread products are offered online at, Amazon, and Hero Bread is taking online shopping by storm as it looks to continue to expand its distribution.

The new Seeded Loaf is the fifth product in the bakery provider’s rising portfolio

“Since releasing Hero products on in early November, Hero Classic White Bread has been the number one best-selling white sandwich bread on the website. But it doesn’t stop there,” continues Cole. “We’re working diligently to expand product availability, including partnering with quick-service restaurants and grocery retailers. This way, more consumers across the country can enjoy our offerings.”

The expansion doesn’t just stop there, folks. Cole says a lot of new products are on the horizon that are very much “game-changing in the baking world, and we cannot wait to share with everyone.”

New products are proofing, excitement is rising, and Hero Bread’s reach is expanding. Deli Market News will continue to keep an eye on the new products rolling through, so check back for the latest.

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