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Coo Moo Jams Spices Up Holiday Sales with Seasonal Offerings

Coo Moo Jams Spices Up Holiday Sales with Seasonal Offerings

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

With December only a couple of months away, consumers already have their sights set on all the sweet, spice, and everything nice that can be found on store shelves this season. Coo Moo Jams offers a delicate blend of both sweet and spicy, ideal for setting up the perfect holiday table.

The Coo Moo Jams brand marries four passions of its Founder Julie Deck, according to a press release: Highland Coo cows, jam, Scotland, and supporting women. Deck works with a woman-owned commercial kitchen in Petaluma, California, to produce the all-natural jams, only importing specific ingredients from a Nepal-based farm that focuses on providing jobs for local women.

Deck previously spent time in Scotland, during which she became enamored with Highland Coos, thus making them the face of the beloved brand. Artist Lauren Terry of Lauren’s Cows was commissioned to paint Gracie, the Highland Coo that graces the face of Coo Moo Jam’s labels.

Coo Moo Jams is gearing up for the holiday season as it showcases its spicy selection

The brand itself is a labor of love out of dedication to the Founder’s late husband and business partner. The unique lineup of Coo Moo Jams includes enticing flavors such as:

  • Apricot Habanero - the flagship jam with a special sweetness and spicy zing
  • Peachy Mango Madness - a combination of sweet peaches and tropical mango
  • Wooster Sauce - crafted using a very special ingredient called Yacon Syrup with a little sweetness and savory habanero spices
  • Bundle of Two Jams - two Apricot Habanero jams in a beautifully wrapped box with a signature mini spoon, great for holiday gift-giving

Holiday appetizers and charcuterie boards are practically begging for this innovative offering, so stock your shelves and watch your shoppers stack up this season.

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