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Costco Reports Net Sales Increase of 17.3 Percent or 5B Dollars

Costco Reports Net Sales Increase of 17.3 Percent or 5B Dollars

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

As the supply chain and the shipping industry continue to face challenges, Costco took the issue into its own hands when it announced its container ship rental plan this past September. With a new bridge drawn to help ensure products are available in stores, one can’t help but wonder if the plan helped lift the retailer’s October sales results.

With guidelines and restrictions still in place to ensure public safety, consumers are continuing to purchase products in anticipation. Bulk purchases readily come to mind, which is reflected in the retailer’s streak of growth, as shown in previous reports such as its Q4 results.

Costco recently revealed its October sales results, reporting a solid increase of $5 billion from last year

In the month of October alone, Costco reported net sales of $16.47 billion for the four weeks ending October 31. This is an increase of 19.2 percent from $13.82 billion last year.

For the nine weeks ending October 31, 2021, Costco reported net sales of $35.97 billion, an increase of 17.3 percent from $30.66 billion last year—a solid $5 billion increase.

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