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Costco Reveals a Slew of New Store Openings

Costco Reveals a Slew of New Store Openings

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

One retail name that consistently comes up in our conversations with industry operators is Costco. The chain is highly influential in the food industry, and is growing even more powerful by setting in motion a plan to significantly expand its footprint over the next several months.

According to BGR, as many as 28 new Costco stores are set to open throughout the rest of this year, with nearly a dozen cutting the ribbon in a matter of months. First up on the grocer’s list is its newest location in Utah, which opens later this month on May 19. Several other locations have already been announced, including some in international markets.

Costco is continuing to grow its geographical footprint, announcing as many as 28 new stores set to open throughout the rest of this year

As noted by the source, some of the other locations include:

  • Anjou, Quebec Business Center – June 2022
  • North Oshawa, Ontario – June 2022
  • Mibu, Japan – July 2022
  • St. Augustine, Florida – August 2022
  • College Station, Texas – August 2022
  • Murrieta, California – August 2022
  • Verona, Wisconsin – August 2022
  • Auckland, New Zealand – August 2022
  • Gimhae, Korea – August 2022

This international expansion blueprint is an obvious continuation of the company’s ongoing growth, as it recently revealed a $3.4 billion gain back in March.

We look forward to seeing these new stores come to fruition as Costco continues to make its mark on the retail sector.

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