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Danny O’Malley Shares Exclusive Details on Before the Butcher’s Facility and Portfolio Expansion

Danny O’Malley Shares Exclusive Details on Before the Butcher’s Facility and Portfolio Expansion

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Plant-based products have hit a major stride in recent years. Long gone are the days of tofu burgers being the only option, as movers and shakers like Before the Butcher are making their marks on grocery shelves. To bring more alternative proteins to market, the plant-based provider recently opened up a new facility in San Diego, California. I sat down with Danny O’Malley, President and Founder, to discuss how this new development opens doors for the company both in development and portfolio growth.

Danny O’Malley, President and Founder, Before the Butcher“As we move from our Irvine facility to San Diego, we will be using all brand-new equipment strictly for our plant-based needs. We built out the corporate offices first and then went in and started building out the production side of the facility,” Danny explains to me. “Now with more space, we’re able to fully explore our capabilities with a new frozen room, cooking room, dry room, and a research and development lab.”

Before the Butcher used to share space with Jensen Meat Company, its partner and sister company. As they each grew, a new location was needed for both brands to thrive.

“We had a really amazing and integrated partnership,” Danny elaborates. “In the beginning, Jensen Meat was able to help us grow and expand our business in terms of staffing, equipment, and cost. We fell under the brand’s plant-based division and really benefited from the experience Jensen Meat provided—that has helped us succeed and branch out into our own facility.”

Before the Butcher recently opened up a new facility in San Diego, California, complete with a new frozen room, cooking room, dry room, and a research and development lab

Danny founded Before the Butcher in March 2018, starting out in foodservice with eight SKUs. The brand moved into retail in late 2019 and has kept growing since. Now, the company has national distribution in all 50 states and is continuing its mission to bring variety to the masses with its new facility, which is built on a 30,000-square-foot space with room to expand even further.

“Our goal is to fill out the facility in a short period of time and then break the wall down, move into the space next door, and grow and double our capacity again,” Danny laughs. “We hope to further develop the processing of our products and expand our portfolio with products that are fully cooked and ready to use.”

With ready-to-eat products on the vision board, Before the Butcher is paving new roads both for retail consumers and company partners looking to utilize more finished goods.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity out there for convenience stores and deli counters looking for easy-to-incorporate ingredients and finished goods, especially in the plant-based sector,” Danny says. “Our chicken chunks, beef tips, and pulled pork are great to incorporate in sandwiches, salads, and wraps, but our goal is to provide a wider selection of pre-made products in the value-added space.”

With a new facility up and running, Before the Butcher’s President and Founder Danny O’Malley hopes to bring several new innovations to market, such as a new organic line and more ready-to-eat finished goods

To further meet these goals, Before the Butcher has reformulated some of its products to make them more readily available as an ingredient. Made to meet the same quality and flavor demands, the company continuously pays attention to current trends such as organics. Plans are also in the works for its new organic line in the upcoming year.

“At the beginning of next year, we’re planning to expand into a new organic-only line with four products hitting the market,” Danny shares with me. “A lot of plant-based consumers are looking for healthier options. Organic is almost always an immediate thought for most shoppers, and that’s who we’re appealing to. Variety has been important to us from the very beginning, and we want to continue to provide that and do things our competitors aren’t.”

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