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Dawn Foods Acquires Royal Steensma; Carrie Jones-Barber and Alfred Bruin Discuss

Dawn Foods Acquires Royal Steensma; Carrie Jones-Barber and Alfred Bruin Discuss

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

Two powerful bakery names are coming together at the hands of a pivotal deal. Dawn Foods has announced its acquisition of Royal Steensma, which officially closed on January 31.

Carrie Jones-Barber, Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Foods“We are proud to welcome the team from Royal Steensma to Dawn and to build on our shared bakery knowledge and history of providing incredible products to bakers all around the world,” said Dawn Foods’ Chief Executive Officer, Carrie Jones-Barber. “The expansion of our manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio further strengthens our mission to provide customers with bakery solutions that truly inspire and help them achieve their business goals.”

As a press release detailed, the transaction includes four manufacturing plants in The Netherlands, a manufacturing facility in Thailand, and continued involvement with the Food Innovation Academy (FIA) education center in The Netherlands.

Following the deal, all Royal Steensma employees are now valued team members of Dawn.

Dawn Foods has announced its acquisition of Royal Steensma

Royal Steensma is recognized as a renowned family-owned bakery ingredients manufacturing company headquartered in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The company wields a broad bakery product portfolio with a specialty in fat-based coatings, almond and confectionary pasters, bakery mixes, fruit fillings, and candied fruits and decorations. As the release continued, Royal Steensma has been a prominent name in the bakery market for almost 185 years.

Alfred Bruin, Owner, Royal Steensma“Dawn's century of bakery expertise, long-term vision, commitment to company values, and sincere dedication to team members, customers, and suppliers were the determining factors in entrusting Royal Steensma to Dawn Foods,” said Alfred Bruin, Owner of Royal Steensma. “Additionally, Dawn has the same creative entrepreneurial spirit of a family-owned company, which gives me the confidence that the essence of the family business will be safeguarded, providing a promising future with numerous new opportunities for our loyal and valued employees and customers.”

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