Deli Market News’ 2020 Trend Predictions

Deli Market News’ 2020 Trend Predictions

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

It’s officially 2020—hello! While the turn of the new year always brings about new opportunities to bite into, we here at Deli Market News are finding that the opportunities abounding at the beginning of a new decade—the beginning of this new decade—are already far more delicious. With the next ten years ahead of us, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities for the deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods industry, ready to be untapped, uncovered, and explored so fully that by the time 2030 rolls around we’ll all be saying, “What, this old thing?” about our industry’s top food trends.

While we’re not sure what the next decade in our industry will entail, we are anticipating a few key trends to kick off the 2020s like an appetizer that stays with you throughout a multi-course meal. Here are but a few we foresee leading purveyors grabbing onto and making their own in the new year…


Many in the biz have been having the spice conversation for a while now, and while a few of our favorite companies teased 2019 as the spiciest year yet, we believe it will be 2020 that will officially nab that title. Because there is spice and then there is spice—the kind that has multiple red hot chili peppers next to it—we’re awaiting deli, dairy, and even bakery providers to introduce a new meaning to hasafashafsa-ing (you know when you’re food is too hot, so you hasafashafsas) because they’ll be bringing some serious heat. Everybody, hot, hot, hot!

Alcohol-Infused Everything

Pairing has gone from a process the end-consumer has to do themselves to a value-added feature of a host of deli, dairy, and bakery goodies—a move that fits perfectly into the end of last decades’ convenience trend. Because many of our industry’s best brands took this trend to mean infusing their items with alcohol, we’re thinking boozey charcuterie boards will continue into 2020. But instead of the wine-, beer-, whiskey-, and bourbon-infused meats, cheeses, and baked goods that reigned in 2019, we’re prophesizing alcoholic palates will be expanded to include the likes of sake, ouzo, soju, and—dare I say—absinthe.

The Era of Plant-Based Is Not Over

We’re going to say it, and we’re going to say it proudly: The expansiveness of the plant-based category remains unexplored. Yes, meat, cheese, milk, and yogurt were all categories that saw an influx of plant-based takes over the course of the last decade, but the scope of plant-based doesn’t have to be limited to meatless renditions. We’re not quite sure just yet what this could mean for the category, but plant-based foods that are just that: plant-based—we’re thinking something’s there and that one of you innovative thinkers are going to discover it.


Smoked goods have been around in our industry’s staple categories forever. But, because it’s been around for so long, we think that’s precisely why it will be making a major comeback—à la Justin Bieber this week. Here in our hometown of Sacramento, we’re seeing more and more restaurants with menus so chock full of smoked items, the menus themselves are…well, smoking. Meat and cheeses are obvious choices for this old-world trend, but what about baked goods? We’ll just leave it at that.

Where will this decade take us? Stick with us here at Deli Market News as we trek together into the future of our industry.