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Deli Market News Spotlights May 2024 Top Picks

Deli Market News Spotlights May 2024 Top Picks

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

I have two words for you: flavor innovation. This is how I would categorize my five picks for the month of May. These products are just beginning to hit shelves or will be soon, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give our buy-side friends another reminder.

Pine River Pre-Pack’s Vintage Reserve Cold Pack Cheese Spread

Hitting shelves in September, this is one of three new items that are joining Pine River’s award-winning portfolio. The Vintage Reserve is a revamped iteration of the company's 60-Month Anniversary spread, which was a major hit with consumers. Cheddar aged for a minimum of five years makes this cheese spread a true standout on shelves.

The supplier is launching a new collaboration that couples crave-worthy, creamy bold-flavored Sabra hummus with crispy, crunchy Frito Lay™ chips in single-serving Snackers®

Sabra® Hummus With BBQ Inspired by Stubb’s® BBQ Sauce & Fritos®

As a Fritos® fanatic, this new brand collaboration has me chomping at the bit. I imagine that the smoky-sweet flavors of Stubb’s® BBQ Sauce blend perfectly with the creamy smoothness of Sabra® hummus. Top it all off with my favorite dipping chip and I'm sold!

North Country Smokehouse Organic Applewood Smoked Bacon Crumbles

Convenience meets flavor in this innovative offering. North Country Smokehouse took its popular Organic Applewood Smoked Bacon and turned into a value-added product that shortens time spent in the kitchen. Available in both retail and bulk foodservice sizes, these bacon crumbles can top salads, burgers, baked potatoes, and so much more.

Gayo Azul®, a proud brand under the Royal FrieslandCampina umbrella, has added Queso Fresco to its portfolio

FrieslandCampina Gayo Azul® Queso Fresco

This fourth new product also makes for an excellent meal topper. I personally love Queso Fresco the most when it’s crumbled and served fresh with a bit of lime juice on top of my shrimp tacos. Lucky for consumers like me, FrieslandCampina’s Gayo Azul® brand is adding Queso Fresco to its lineup of authentic cheeses.

Cocoa and Cayenne Pepper is joining Ines Rosales' artisanal line of premium Olive Oil Crackers in the days to come, with the official launch having been scheduled for late May

Ines Rosales Cocoa and Cayenne Pepper Cracker

Do you see what I mean about flavor innovation? This sweet-meets-spicy SKU blows the door wide open for pairings on and off of the cheese board. With the official launch reportedly set for late May, these decadent crackers should be hitting shelves very soon if they have not already.

I can’t believe June 1 is on Saturday! Next month is sure to bring even more flavor innovations to the specialty aisle, so stick with us at Deli Market News.