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Dollar General Examines New Digital Strategy, Looks Into Online Grocery

Dollar General Examines New Digital Strategy, Looks Into Online Grocery

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Dollar General is a retailer that refuses to back down in the face of stiff competition, and has been steadily ramping up its growth efforts this past year. The retailer has been opening new facilities, opening new stores in dozens of states, and bolstering its executive leadership team, all in the past year. But now, Dollar General is pressing the gas even more, recently looking to bolster its digital strategy by offering new services to transform its customers’ shopping experience.

Several retailers have been testing out digital tools to enhance their customers’ experience, many of which have already implemented similar order, pick up, and go programs, including Kroger, Amazon, and Weis Markets (as we reported on in our sister publication, AndNowUKnow), to name a few. Though Dollar General has not revealed which or how many stores will begin testing the new service, it has confirmed that the project is underway, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Dollar General's latest move to keep up with the competition is to bolster its digital strategy, offering new services to transform its customers’ shopping experience

Dollar General already offers its customers a shopping feature that allows them to scan items on their mobile phones as they shop and keep a running total of the prices. In around 250 of the retailer’s stores (and 500 more planned), shoppers can also scan and pay for their items as they go, skipping the checkout line entirely. But now, according to the news source, the company is planning to launch a buy-online and pick-up-in-store service that it hopes will attract a wider demographic.

The new service is in response to Dollar General’s findings that around 45 percent of its customers use digital tools from its company or other retailers when shopping. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company also discovered that “digitally engaged customers” spend around twice as much as they normally would. The retailer is planning to build other features into the mobile app, including details about inventory, suggesting similar items when another is out of stock, and the ability to use digital coupons for online purchases.

What will be Dollar General’s next move in its quest to remain competitive and innovative? Deli Market News will report.

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