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Emmi Roth USA Talks Winter Fancy Food Show Showcase; Abby Despins Comments

Emmi Roth USA Talks Winter Fancy Food Show Showcase; Abby Despins Comments

Friday, January 12th, 2024

As we gear up for the Winter Fancy Food Show later this month, we connected with suppliers from across the industry to learn about their trade show plans. I touched base with Emmi Roth, which is planning on showcasing a variety of products from its Athenos, Emmi, and Roth Cheese brands.

Abby Despins, Director of Communications and Digital Marketing, Emmi Roth“Athenos is America’s No. 1 feta brand,” commented Abby Despins, Director of Communications and Digital Marketing. “Athenos buyers purchase Feta 13 percent more frequently and purchase 16 percent more units than the next leading brand. In addition to our cleaner label Hummus line, we launched a new Whipped Feta Dip & Spread that will be available to try at the show. The first ingredient is feta and the whipped texture provides a tasty and convenient option for customers who want to enjoy Whipped Feta at home or on the go.”

As a leading importer of Le Gruyère AOP, Emmi USA continues to bring traditional Swiss cheeses to the cheese or deli counter.

Emmi Roth USA will be introducing its latest product under the Athenos brand, Whipped Feta

“We’ll have a variety of Emmi products at the show, including our new exact weight Switzerland Swiss, Appenzeller, Fondues, Raclette, and Le Marechal,” Abby continued.

The cheeses under the Roth Cheese brand have over 200 awards and counting and bring a wide range of specialty cheese offerings such as Goudas, Havartis, Grand Cru®, and Craft Artisan Favorites made in Monroe, Wisconsin.

“Emmi Roth is here to help enhance cheese cases with award-winning products, tailored insights, and marketing support,” continued Abby, commenting on the advantages of partnering with the company. “We’re also excited to talk about our new 158,000-square-foot building, which also houses Emmi Roth’s new state-of-the-art conversion facility.”

Emmi Roth USA's award-winning products enhance retail programs

This facility will cup, bag, wedge, shred, and crumble the company’s cheese products for a variety of leading brands. As Abby explained, the facility enables Emmi Roth to control more of its supply chain and improves the U.S. cheese industry’s overall conversion landscape.

“It will help strengthen our value add to customers, and increase our ability to service customers,” Abby added. “It has also become the single biggest sustainability project in Emmi Roth’s history, allowing for a substantial reduction in the amount of fuel and emissions spent transporting cheeses. It’s all-electric, with no natural gas or propane service, which will help the company meet its NetZero by 2050 goals and reduce its use of fossil fuels.”

Be sure to mark booth #501 on your list of must-see companies!

Deli Market News will report on the latest as we head into WFFS.

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