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Exclusive: Whisps' CEO Details Snacking Transformation

Exclusive: Whisps' CEO Details Snacking Transformation

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Sometimes, a snack that simultaneously nourishes and satisfies is difficult to come by. But Whisps, a line of baked pure cheese crisps created my master cheesemakers, offers just that: healthy snacking options that entices tastebuds and eases hunger pangs. As Keto continues to transform the traditional retail snacking front, how can grocers continue to compete? I spoke with Ilana Fischer, CEO of Whisps, to find out.

Ilana Fischer, CEO, Whisps“We obsess over producing the best quality cheese to use in our snacks and turn to centuries-old methods to craft the highest-quality and best tasting cheese,” Ilana began, detailing for me what helps a product like Whisps stand out at market. “In fact, we are the only producer in the United States to use Copper Kettles in our Parmesan production—a time-honored tradition in Italy—which imbues a unique, nutty, and fruity flavor in our Parmesan.”

Produced in Wisconsin, the milk used to create Whisps is sourced from four family farms within 45 miles of the company’s cheese plant, ticking off that coveted local quality.

Made with 100 percent cheese, Whisps are Keto friendly“Our products are more nutritionally dense than many other cheese snacks currently out on the market,” Ilana informed me. “By using 100 percent cheese in every flavor, Whisps are an excellent source of calcium and protein with less than 1 gram of carbs per serving. Other cheese-flavored snacks and crackers use artificial ingredients, wheat, and fillers, which make them easier and cheaper to manufacture, but we believe sacrifices quality.”

With a twelve month shelf life—although fans would hardly let the product sit for that long—Whisps continues to outpace its competitors. As Ilana explained to me, the company has been dominating the pure cheese snack category. How then, does such a thing happen?

Produced in Wisconsin, the milk used to create Whisps is sourced from four family farms within 45 miles of the company’s cheese plant

“Our bright and easily recognizable packaging reflects our fun and delightful brand personality, which entices shoppers to grab us off the shelf for a variety of occasions‚ whether they’re looking for a healthy and delicious snack for themselves or a complement to add to their charcuterie platter,” Ilana stated. “We are cheese fanatics who believe that healthy snacks should taste great. That means that we would never expect consumers to sacrifice flavor when they buy Whisps, and we only launch products that we ourselves love and eat every day."

As more adults turn to salty snacks when they want something to munch on, more consumers will surely be looking to the cheese snack category for an indulgent and healthful snack. With innovative new flavors from Whisps to look forward to in the near future, folks will be lining up to discover the latest in snacking.

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