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Ficacci Olive Company Celebrates 60th Anniversary; Romeo Ficacci Shares

Ficacci Olive Company Celebrates 60th Anniversary; Romeo Ficacci Shares

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

With Italy among the top countries producing olives, and olive production in general continuing to increase, Ficacci Olive Company is well positioned for future growth. Renowned for its expertise in the production of table olives, Ficacci celebrates its 60th anniversary this year with steady growth; its turnover hit 34 million euros ($36.92 million USD) in 2023, marking a 15 percent increase over 2022.

Romeo Ficacci, Chief Executive Officer and President, Ficacci Olive Company“Through innovation, quality, and sustainability, we’ve redefined consumption norms within our market,” said Chief Executive Officer and President Romeo Ficacci. “Our commitment to premium, additive-free products presented in FSC-certified paper trays that reduce plastic use by 85 percent resonates with markets focused on quality, sourcing integrity, and environmental responsibility."

Exports continue to increase, reaching 20 percent of sales across more than 30 countries. The United States is the primary market outside the national borders, worth 45 percent of the total exports. On the other hand, Japan, China, and the Middle East are increasingly looking for the quality and innovation of Ficacci’s olives.

Ficacci Olive Company celebrated its 60th anniversary with exciting plans for growth on the horizonAccording to a press release, the company has a strong presence in markets where olives are a top-level product, including Spain, Greece, Portugal, Northern Europe, South Africa, and South America. In early 2024, Colombia emerged as the newest market.

The positive trend in 2023 results from the excellent performance achieved through the best retailers, reaching 52 percent of business volume thanks to acquiring new market shares. It is quite an achievement when considering the company's humble beginnings 60 years ago. In 1964, Romeo Ficacci decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, Umberto, and developed the olive trade in the Roman markets, starting a long success story that lasted for three generations and is continuing to this day.

The United States is the primary market for Ficacci outside the national borders, worth 45 percent of the total exportsToday, Ficacci is one of the world's leading companies in the food industry and offers a wide range of high-quality fresh Italian, Greek, and Spanish table olives; it is also a benchmark for all placements—retailers, foodservice, and independents. The olives range from Italian varieties such as Castelvetrano, Nocellara Etnea, Leccino, Cerignola, Taggiasca, and Gaeta PDO to fine Greek varieties such as Halkidiki and Kalamata.

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Cheers to 60 more years!

Ficacci Olive Company