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Ficacci Olive Company's Giuseppe Ficacci Details Recent Showcase

Ficacci Olive Company's Giuseppe Ficacci Details Recent Showcase

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

I finally had the chance to meet Giuseppe Ficacci in person at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS). The Co-Owner of Ficacci Olive Company greeted our team with a warm smile and, of course, a display full of fresh olives. As the excitement of the show winds down, I had the chance to recap the event with Giuseppe himself.

Giuseppe Ficacci, Co-Owner, Ficacci Olive Company“The New York show was the perfect stage to showcase our PaperTray offering—made as a fancy plate of olives for fancy tables, a complement to a charcuterie board, or as a quick appetizer with sparkling wine. Easy recyclability features allow the top plastic to be removed while the paper bottom is recyclable,” Giuseppe told me.

Also on display was the 1964 line, a perfect addition to on-the-go retail sets, cheese-charcuterie​ ​boards, vending, and foodservice offers. The personal-sized plastic pack offers 2.2 oz of olives in a single layer, without water or oil, making for a simple and delicious eating occasion. Both the PaperTray and 1964 lines have an easily peelable and resealable top film and are both liquidless.

At the recent Summer Fancy Food Show, Ficacci Olive Company showcased its PaperTray and 1964 lineups of specialty olives

“The NY show is unique in providing unchallenged visibility to our products as no other similar show worldwide; the great number of visitors is indeed a marketing boost and the energy of the city provides the extra drive to our sales reps involved at the SFFS,” Giuseppe noted. “Live shows cannot be replaced by video conferences, especially working in the food industry. The experience of tastes on the spot can be the game changer in the buyer's opinion.”

As Giuseppe relayed, Ficacci’s aim for every food show is to generate interest mainly from deli category reps and buyers from the main American retailers in both prepackaged offers and olive bars. This is done through the supplier’s new groovy eco-friendly packs, strong on the fact that Ficacci’s current distribution can deliver almost anywhere in the United States.

Both the PaperTray and 1964 lines have an easily peelable and resealable top film and are both liquidless

“The strategy is creating a pull request between the potential customer and our importer—we are able to generate an immediate flux and the new items are immediately available for all our existing U.S. customers,” said Giuseppe.

For many, olives are essential to a winning charcuterie board, and Ficacci has the offerings you need to make your specialty department shine.

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