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Firehook Introduces New Everything-Flavor Crackers

Firehook Introduces New Everything-Flavor Crackers

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Crackers don’t often get the credit they deserve. When paired with cheese, crackers can become an afterthought—an accoutrement that comes second to the star of the show. But the time is ripe for a wave of products that will challenge consumers’ perception of the crispy, crunchy goodness. Ever at the forefront of flavor innovation, Firehook has introduced a new addition to its lineup of USDA-certified organic crackers—Firehook Organic Everything Crackers.

Kari Ball, Marketing Manager, Firehook Crackers“Inspired by the favorite New York Bagel, we took the best part off the top of the bagel and baked it with Firehook crunch! Super savory with notes of caramelized onion and nutty sesame, this cracker is addictively delicious by itself as a snack, or paired with crushed avocado, fresh chèvre, or classic french onion dip,” Kari Ball, Marketing Manager, told me.

Joining its line of Organic Mediterranean Baked Crackers, the new Everything flavor brings bold tastes to the table. The entire line of crackers is baked from scratch in the U.S., and is 100 percent Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Kosher Certified. The new flavor is available now by direct order and select specialty food distributors, and in a satisfying 5.5 oz pack, consumers will be champing at the bit to fill their cabinets with the crispy creation.

Retailers and buyers would be wise to stock Firehook’s Everything crackers, as the response to the new flavor has been enthusiastic.

The response has been everything we hoped for! We debuted Everything at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, which is the location of inspiration for this flavor,” Kari said.

Firehook has introduced a new addition to its lineup of USDA-certified organic crackers—Firehook Organic Everything Crackers

Founded in 1992, Firehook is a full-service bakery that produces fresh artisanal bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and Mediterranean Baked Crackers, baked from scratch every day. As with any bakery, the holidays are an exciting time, with customers bustling around, entranced by the mouthwatering aroma and undeniable appeal of fresh-baked goods. Retailers searching for more eclectic holiday flair to add to their shelves should take advantage of Firehook’s seasonal offerings.

Firehook is a company to keep an eye on, as it not only produces top-quality products with ever-evolving flavors, but has, for the second year running, earned a spot on the 2019 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list.

Despite all the excitement and anticipation that comes with introducing a new variety, I still find myself wondering, where will the flavor road take Firehook next?

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