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FreshDirect Announces 2024 Trend Insights; Charlotte Myer Comments

FreshDirect Announces 2024 Trend Insights; Charlotte Myer Comments

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

The countdown to the new year is on and operators are looking for insights into what products will hold consumer attention in 2024. To help its partners out, FreshDirect has announced its top five trend predictions for the year ahead.

Charlotte Myer, Co-Lead of Merchandising, FreshDirect“In a rapidly evolving food and online grocery landscape, FreshDirect is at the forefront of delivering customers the highest-quality, freshest food along with driving simple healthy solutions that make every day better for them,” said Charlotte Myer, Co-Lead of Merchandising. “Our team of industry experts is continuously ahead of food innovation—identifying the flavors, ingredients, and culinary movements that will captivate customer palates and shape the industry in the coming years.”

According to a press release, FreshDirect’s expert merchant team of category specialists curated the annual list, which reveals what’s new in industry innovation and customer preferences.

One of the trends that FreshDirect predicts for 2024 is embracing small plates, a boon for specialty providers looking to expand their marketability and showcase versatile products

The company’s top five trends for 2024 include:

  • The Upside to Upcycling: Tackling Food Waste — Rather than throwing out leftover vegetable stalks, they can be used in items such as FreshDirect’s Cauliflower Gnocchi Meal Kit. Products across a variety of categories making creative use of upcycled food scraps will be in higher demand
  • Beyond the Shelf: The Rise of DEI in the Grocery Sector — The impact of proper Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) representation resonates with consumers, enhancing brand loyalty and trust. FreshDirect partners with brands like Sanzo and Siete to give customers a variety of choices, and recently launched the Rising Industry Producers and Entrepreneurs Program to help emerging and diverse-owned businesses grow their brands
  • Greens, Eggs, and Ham: Sustainability in Farming Practices — With the success of indoor farming this year, expect more companies to offer indoor-grown produce. Regenerative agriculture is also at the forefront of sustainable efforts, with customers showing preference for regeneratively grown products
  • Following Your Gut: The Power of Functional Beverages — Beverage purveyors are stepping up to meet heightened consumer demands, crafting products like better-for-you energy drinks tailored to wellness enthusiasts. Prebiotic sodas with immunity-boosting properties are also increasing in popularity
  • Pass the Dip, Spread the Flavor: Embracing Small Plates — The versatility and quick preparation of appetizers and small plates are a host’s dream. From dairy-free options and plant-based dips, to alternative protein options, there is something for everyone at the party table

What other trends will pop up in 2024? Stay tuned to Deli Market News to get the scoop.