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The Frozen Farmer Changes Landscape With Froberts™; Katey Evans Shares

The Frozen Farmer Changes Landscape With Froberts™; Katey Evans Shares

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Farm-fresh products are always a treat, whether it be cheese, honey, or even ice cream. At The Frozen Farmer, farm-crafted frozen treats are its specialty. As consumers have their eye on health-forward products, The Frozen Farmer is one item to keep stocked year-round, as the Shark Tank-featured product, Frobert™, is already making waves nationwide.

Katey Evans, Founder, The Frozen Farmer“We are farmers first and foremost, tilling more than 3,000 acres of fruits, vegetables, and grains to feed our family and others across America. But not every fruit we harvest from our fields meets the size and specs of grocery store standards, so that’s where we came up with the idea of putting this otherwise wasted fruit to use,” said Katey Evans, Founder of The Frozen Farmer, to Deli Market News.

Led by Evans and her family, the frozen treat purveyor is a Women-Owned Small Business with the original goal to fight against food waste. The Frozen Farmer was a natural extension of the family’s mission to provide field-grown fruits and veggies, harvested at the peak of perfection to feed not only their family but families around the country.

Fighting against food waste, The Frozen Farmer's Shark Tank-featured product, Frobert™, is making waves nationwide

More than 20 percent of the fruits and veggies in America don’t make it off the farm because they aren’t perfect enough for the grocery store shelves. This results in billions of pounds of wasted produce each year. And with the grower’s main customers being grocery stores, this was resulting in a major loss of profit for Evans Farms.

“That’s why we established The Frozen Farmer,” commented Katey, who, along with her husband Kevin and her mother Jo Ellen Algier, opened The Frozen Farmer in 2015, a farm creamery where they use upcycled fruits in their line of Frobert—a part ice cream, part sorbet blend—and dairy-, gluten-, and fat-free sorbet.

Available at over 80 retailers, Frobert uses upcycled fruit to create a part ice cream, part sorbet blend that is dairy-, gluten-, and fat-free

What began as a way to avoid food waste by using misfit produce had become the mission of The Frozen Farmer. The company is proud to create delicious, decadent, frozen desserts using recipes from its third-generation farm, committed to its goal of building a more sustainable food system. Kevin and Katey know it well, and revel in living up to the challenge every day at Evans Farms, a more than 3,000-acre grain and produce operation.

“Now that we’ve launched our product line nationwide, we are not only sourcing upcycled fruits from our own fields but others, connecting us all in the fight against food waste,” continued Katey. “Many of our grocery retail partners have awesome sustainability missions to reduce food waste, and our brand fits in with their corporate initiatives toward sustainability.”

Available at over 80 retailers nationwide, Frobert is the signature blend of sorbet and frozen dairy dessert that has all of the delicious taste of traditional ice cream but with a lot fewer calories, fat, and sugar.

Now that’s a treat that meets sustainability demands, health goals, and taste preferences.

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