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General Mills’ Oui by Yoplait Expands With New Dairy Free and Crème Dessert Lines

General Mills’ Oui by Yoplait Expands With New Dairy Free and Crème Dessert Lines

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Although I’ve only been to France only once in my life, I learned a simple lesson: that food is meant to be savored. Oui by Yoplait, a General Mills brand, saw an uptick in consumers’ desire to savor the simple moments and enjoy a delicious treat as they did so. Now, the yogurt brand is breaking into the dairy-free space, offering its new Dairy Free and Crème Dessert lines.

General Mills' Oui by Yoplait recently released a dairy-free line made with a coconut base

According to a press release, Oui by Yoplait recently unveiled its new Oui Dairy Free Coconut Dairy Alternative, its first premium plant-based, non-dairy option in the U.S. The new product is made with a coconut base and paired with flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, and raspberry to deliver a creamy and indulgent taste experience. The dairy-free variety comes in the signature glass pot and features a teal label that sets it apart from other Oui varieties on the shelf. Oui Dairy Free is currently in limited release and will be widely available across the U.S. in January 2020.

To further its connection to its Fresh heritage, the brand also introduced its new Oui Crème Dessert, a chilled dessert line that brings a premium offering to refrigerated desserts. This creamy and indulgent take on Crème Fraîche—a cultured French cream—comes in the signature glass pot and is available in Caramel Cream, Lemon Tart, and Vanilla Bean varieties.

As it seeks to improve its performance in the yogurt sector, General Mills is releasing several new innovative products

Retailers, I can see see flocks of Francophiles headed to your stores right now.

The press release also noted that General Mills is looking to improve the performance of its U.S. yogurt business by driving the simply better segment of the yogurt category through innovation and brand building. It also plans to lead the yogurt sector with its Yoplait and Go-Gurt yogurt offerings and plans to see new growth with offerings like its new GoodBelly probiotic yogurt.

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