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Godshall’s Quality Meats Announces Sugar Free Bacon

Godshall’s Quality Meats Announces Sugar Free Bacon

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

When I think of bacon, I automatically think of it as the ultimate indulgence. Never have I thought that there could be a healthier option until today. Godshall’s Quality Meats, known for its healthier choice meat delicacies, has announced that it will throw its hat into the ring to produce sugar-free bacon. Does that make my candied bacon a healthier side piece? Not really, but it can really hit the keto consumer demographic in the cravings as well as those watching their sugar intake.

Ron Godshall, President, Godshall's Quality Meat“Between the keto consumers and the folks who have sugar-restricted regimens, we didn’t approach this as a niche, it’s a substantial constituency,” said President Ron Godshall. “We invested in the R&D to perfect recipes that don’t employ sugar or artificial preservatives, but taste like the bacon they love!”

The sugar-free lineup is designed for people pursuing a healthier lifestyle, whether it be through the keto diet or lower sugar consumption. According to a press release, Godshall’s current offerings include pork bacon, beef bacon, and turkey bacon, all of which are made without added sugar and carbs while delivering the full, real wood smoked taste consumers crave. All products offered in the Sugar Free line are also uncured and all-natural, containing only sea salt and celery powder to naturally preserve freshness.

Godshall's is rolling out a new sugar-free line of bacon that's perfect for consumers following a keto diet

“Our pork and beef bacons are prepared and smoked from traditional cuts, but for all the taste and aggressively less fat, our Sugar Free Turkey Bacon delivers!” added Godshall. “Our real dark meat blend has 65 percent less fat than pork bacon. That adds up to a hearty, satisfying taste with a lot less of what may have kept many consumers from enjoying bacon.”

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