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GrubMarket Acquires Two West Coast Wholesalers

GrubMarket Acquires Two West Coast Wholesalers

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Following a Southern California scoop back in May, GrubMarket is at it again with two more acquisitions in the state. The company recently announced the addition of Golden Greek Fresh and Happy Farm Produce, two prominent wholesalers that occupy their own niche in the California market.

Nick Kontes, CEO, Golden Greek Fresh"At Golden Greek Fresh, we consider our clients to be family first, and customers second,” Nick Kontes, CEO of Golden Greek Fresh, said following the acquisition. “We've worked with many of our clients for a very long time, and our mentality of treating them like family is exactly what our business was founded on."

Golden Greek Fresh is a family-owned wholesaler with a portfolio of over 60 restaurant clients across the Southern California region. According to a press release, Golden Greek Fresh will now be able to utilize GrubMarket's robust produce supply chain network and proprietary cutting-edge software technologies to quickly expand its offerings to even more restaurants across the West Coast. Despite its new ownership, the wholesaler’s headquarters will remain in Southern California, with Kontes and his wife, Christina—who have led Golden Greek Fresh for over 15 years—remaining at the head of the company.

GrubMarket has completed the acquisitions of Golden Greek Fresh and Happy Farm Produce, two prominent California-based wholesalers with a penchant for fresh produce

“We were thrilled to learn that GrubMarket shares our same mission of providing support and dedication to its farmers, and we sincerely look forward to joining the GrubMarket Team," said Leon To, CEO of Happy Farm Produce, which sources fresh produce from the California Central Valley, exclusively for grocery stores of all sizes across the San Francisco Bay Area.

The acquisition will also transition both wholesalers’ technology foundations onto WholeSaleWare, GrubMarket’s Software-as-a-Service platform. This platform provides the following services—all of which will allow both companies to maximize their corporate efficiencies while doubling down on expansion across the West Coast—to food industry suppliers and vendors:

  • Seamless financial management
  • Easy-to-use online ordering and sales
  • Precise inventory management
  • Engaging CRM tools

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