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Harry Kahn Details Vermont Creamery’s Latest Chocolate Cherry Goat Cheese

Harry Kahn Details Vermont Creamery’s Latest Chocolate Cherry Goat Cheese

Friday, July 14th, 2023

Des Moines, Iowa, will soon be the go-to dairy destination come July 18, as dairy innovators and appreciators head to the 2023 American Cheese Society (ACS) Conference. Traveling from the East Coast, Vermont Creamery has a thing or two to share ahead of its showcase.

Harry Kahn, General Manager, Vermont Creamery“Vermont Creamery is excited to share the new cheeses coming to our portfolio,” Harry Kahn, General Manager, tells me. “Chocolate Cherry is the latest addition to our sweet goat cheese lineup, which joins Strawberry Spritz and Honey Truffle for three decadent flavors.”

Like with any dessert you find on a menu, a spoon is the perfect utensil to dive into Chocolate Cherry with. The goat cheese is blended with real cocoa and dried tart cherries before being rolled in tiny semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Chocolate Cherry is the most recent addition to Vermont Creamery’s sweet goat cheese lineup, joining Strawberry Spritz and Honey Truffle for a collection of three decadent flavors

Already available in Albertsons, and soon Whole Foods Market nationwide, the Chocolate Cherry is sure to make a splash on the shelf. Eager to see it up close? Stop by the Meet the Maker section, as Vermont Creamery is a proud sponsor of the ACS show.

“ACS is a tremendous resource for the entire industry, so part of our participation in the conference is to show our support and appreciation for everything the society offers,” continues Harry. “We have the ability to support other cheesemakers who are there and share our cheeses with our fans. It’s always important to make sure folks who know cheese the best get a chance to experience our products. For me, it’s going to be a really great opportunity to expand my network and get to know more about our industry, as I’m brand new to the sector.”

Vermont Creamery is a proud sponsor of the 2023 American Cheese Society (ACS) Conference

As Harry joins Vermont Creamery and the specialty industry for the first time, he’s not new to working with mission-driven food and beverage companies in Vermont. Vermont Creamery is an innovative B Corporation, and it values the environment as well as its people in the pursuit of delicious products.

Be sure to give Harry a hearty welcome to the industry as you stop by to visit Vermont Creamery from July 18–21.

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