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Impossible™ Foods Hires Jessie Becker as Senior Vice President of Marketing

Impossible™ Foods Hires Jessie Becker as Senior Vice President of Marketing

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

With the rise in plant-based meat creation becoming more and more abundant as of late, the need for being distinctive and attractive becomes more prevalent when reaching customers and consumers. Marketing plays a major role in sales and outreach, and Impossible Foods recognizes that. This week, the company has announced the hiring of Jessie Becker in the newly-created role of Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Jessie Becker, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Impossible™ Foods“I’m thrilled to join Impossible Foods at such a significant inflection point for the company as it embarks on unprecedented growth and new channel launches,” Becker said. “It’s an incredible opportunity to build the plant-based food category with world-class marketing—while having a profound impact on our planet.”

According to the press release, Becker will lead the B2B and B2C marketing, insights and brand marketing teams at Impossible Foods, effective immediately. She reports to Impossible Foods’ President Dennis Woodside.

This week, Impossible Foods has announced the hiring of Jessie Becker in the newly created role of Senior Vice President of Marketing

Becker’s career path led her through a variety of positions At many notable companies. She started at Netflix in 2000, spending 12 years with the media service provider and eventually rising to interim Chief Marketing Officer before moving over to Optimizely as a full-fledged Chief Marketing Officer. Before joining Impossible Foods, Becker had a stint at Google where she served as Director of Marketing. Becker holds a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Pennsylvania, a Bachelor’s in Economics from The Wharton School, and an MBA from Stanford University.

We here at Deli Market News congratulate Jessie Becker on her new journey and look forward to what this new relationship will bring out of the plant-based sector.

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