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Impossible Foods Taps Former Chobani Leader Peter McGuinness as New Chief Executive Officer; Pat Brown Discusses

Impossible Foods Taps Former Chobani Leader Peter McGuinness as New Chief Executive Officer; Pat Brown Discusses

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

Impossible Foods is shaking the industry as Chief Executive Officer Pat Brown announced he was stepping down from the role. Succeeding him is Chobani’s departing Chief Operating Officer Peter McGuinness.

Peter McGuinness, Incoming Chief Executive Officer, Impossible Foods“The key with Impossible, with all of its great innovation, is to make [its products] more available and more accessible to more people,” McGuinness said in an interview, reported by CNBC. “The company is in a great spot, by the way—I’m not coming in to fix anything, I’m coming in to try to help the company grow more than it’s already grown.”

McGuinness brings 30 years of consumer expertise, most recently as President and COO of Chobani, where he scaled operations, built a modern brand, and drove business growth. Over the last eight years, McGuinness helped drive Chobani’s mission, build its values, and expand the brand into new product categories, including plant-based probiotic drinks, oat milks, coffees, and more.

Pat Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Impossible Foods“Given the momentum of our business, our accelerating product pipeline, ongoing international expansion, and the magnitude of our mission, the leadership demands of the commercial business will inevitably continue to grow,” commented Impossible’s Founder Pat Brown in a letter published on the company’s site. “I am therefore happy to announce that industry veteran Peter McGuinness will be joining Impossible as CEO starting April 4 to help us continue to expand, evolve, and grow our brand and business.”

The departing Chief founded Impossible almost 11 years ago. According to the letter, Brown will be working with McGuinness to lead Impossible and its long-term strategy, combining their complementary strengths and experience. McGuinness will be taking on the role of CEO and a Director, and he will report to the Board.

Impossible Foods has tapped Peter McGuinness as its new Chief Executive Officer as Pat Brown steps down

Brown will stay on as Founder and Director while taking on the role of Chief Visionary Officer. He will be reporting to the Board while leading research and technology innovation, strategic initiatives, public advocacy, and, most importantly, the company’s mission.

Congratulations to Peter McGuinness as he takes up the mantle!

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