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Instacart Announces Updates to FoodStorm System Ahead of Holidays

Instacart Announces Updates to FoodStorm System Ahead of Holidays

Monday, October 30th, 2023

It seems crazy to say it, but the holidays are almost here, which means grocers are gearing up for a surge in demand. Instacart wants to help retailers tackle this challenge by introducing new FoodStorm features to aid them in navigating the season in-store.

“Numerous retailers have onboarded over the past few months to prepare for the holidays, joining hundreds that already use FoodStorm to power their fresh departments, streamlining order fulfillment and modernizing holiday inventory tracking methods,” the company said in a blog post.

Instacart is introducing new FoodStorm features to aid retailers in navigating the high-demand holiday season in-store

FoodStorm is Instacart’s order management system (OMS), which helps retailers efficiently manage high-volume orders like Thanksgiving turkeys, full holiday meals, and custom party platters. Building out the platform, the grocery ally’s newest features are now available and bring an overhaul to the OMS user interface to ensure a more user-friendly experience.

Grocery staff can now easily manage pickup orders, monitor payment statuses closely, and accurately handle items sold by weight, such as Thanksgiving turkeys, Hanukkah briskets, or Christmas hams. These updates make it easier for retailers to view all items in an order and check the current payment status to ensure accurate fulfillment. In-store teams can also conveniently access customer order information by scanning a barcode, which instantly displays the corresponding order on a mobile device.

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