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Jeff and Denise Malkoon Discuss How Americano Foods is Elevating Specialty Nut Butters

Jeff and Denise Malkoon Discuss How Americano Foods is Elevating Specialty Nut Butters

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

If you take a look at my cupboard, you’ll see my love of peanut butter knows no bounds—except for what I can fit on the shelf. With specialty nut butters becoming more of a pantry staple, I wanted to know how this category can elevate the deli section. So, I tapped Jeff and Denise Malkoon, Founders of Americano Foods, to learn how retailers can get in on the action.

Jeff Malkoon, Co-Founder, Americano Foods“Flavored nut butters add variety to traditional appetizers, including charcuterie and cheese boards! In fact, nuts pair well with cheese and meat and can help satiate hunger longer,” Jeff tells me. “All the good fat in nut butters keeps blood sugar levels steady, which curbs sugar cravings and keeps us fueled longer. Along with cheese, deli meat, and even olives, you’re getting a powerhouse of savory, good-for-you goodness. It doesn't have to be boring!”

Peanut and almond butters are nutrient-dense and compliment many items on the board. Flavors like Cinnamon Almond, Wildflower Honey Peanut, and even Choco Blanco peanut butter add the lightest touch of sweetness when paired with crackers, cheese, or fruit spreads.

Denise Malkoon, Co-Founder, Americano Foods“When people think of charcuterie, they don't always think of the spreads, but don’t skip out on them!” expounds Denise. “What pairs better with a fine glass of red wine and crackers than a delicious, creamy, almond spread with a hint of cinnamon and sea salt? Retailers can maximize ROI in the deli section when they elevate the charcuterie board experience. Why not mix it up?”

For those that are more adventurous, I say give shoppers recommendations to pair these nutrient-dense products with some meat for interesting flavor combinations on the board. Even better yet, offer ideas such as peanut butter burgers or soup. Either way, your shoppers will be excited to try these spreads when given the right nudge and display.

Let the spread be the centerpiece by placing items around the jar,” continues Denise. “Diversify your customers’ experience by adding nut butter spreads in the deli section or along the periphery to cross-promote adjacent items such as fruit spreads or buttery crackers.”

Americano Foods is elevating the deli section with curious pairings and delectable flavors to expand the charcuterie and cheese boards

Americano’s peanut and almond butter line has expanded its reach to thousands of physical and online retail locations, including Sprouts Farmers Market, Kroger, Amazon Prime, and many specialty grocers. Popularity for this delicious line continues to grow, leading to a new line in the works.

“We have products coming out in fall 2022, including single-serve squeeze packs! They’re great for party favors, outdoor outings, and lunch box additions,” Jeff teases. “Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and bring new products to market.”

Shoppers will also be excited to try this specialty line when they find out it’s a good-for-you product and good-for-the-world. The idea for Americano peanut and almond butters came to this dynamic sibling duo during a volunteer trip with TECHO, a non-profit poverty relief agency in Uruguay.

Good-for-you and good-for-the-world, the specialty nut butters company has reached thousands of physical and online retail locations with plans to release single-serve squeeze packs in fall 2022

“Peanuts were first cultivated in Uruguay over 3,000 years ago, and we noticed they grew in abundance,” Jeff explains. “Yet, people felt traditional peanut butter was simply too plain and too heavy in preservatives. We knew nut butters could be better.”

After much trial and error, broken equipment, and taste testing, the natural peanut butter company was born from the Malkoon family kitchen. Since then, the company has worked closely with social and economic development agencies across the Americas with a goal to reduce poverty.

With the specialty category continuing to expand its reach, keep an eye on Deli Market News to report.

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